David Tepper on Cam Newton’s status: Tell me he’s healthy and we can talk

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When Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney was asked about quarterback Cam Newton‘s status last week, Hurney would only say that Newton is rehabbing from surgery to repair the foot injury that ended his 2019 season.

Newton’s health was front and center in Panthers owner David Tepper’s answer to a similar question on Tuesday. While Newton said he will “absolutely” be in Carolina this year, Tepper maintained that there isn’t much to discuss about Newton’s future until they know he’s healthy.

“Listen, I’m not a doctor,” Tepper said, via Steve Reed of the Associated Press. “I’ve said it a million times. Is he healthy? He’s not a doctor. There’s a lot of different things that can happen, but first is, is he healthy? Tell me that and then we can talk.”

It’s not clear what date the Panthers have in mind to make a call on Newton’s health and firm up their plans for the quarterback position in 2020 and it seems unlikely that their answers are going to change until they reach it.

25 responses to “David Tepper on Cam Newton’s status: Tell me he’s healthy and we can talk

  1. I hate to read too much into this….but ‘tis the season. That felt a little but cold to me. Maybe throw in a compliment for a guy who helped build the fanbase in recent years. Go ahead and trade him it’s time to start fresh, but atleast show him some respect along with the door

  2. He was obviously playing poorly because of his health. If he can make a recovery he’d be of value to some team as a starter, no?

  3. You can tell he was hurt last year. Always off balance when throwing, and never really got any zip on his passes. Seems a little harsh the way tepper tepper answered that question. He gave the Panthers everything he had, and more. Steve smith, JPP, and cam are probably the more recognizable Panthers in their short existence, and will have left a little abruptly. Las vegas on line 1 please!

  4. Mr. Tepper has a lot of nerve mocking a guy whose career could be in jeopardy due to a severe injury. Cam’s done a lot more for the Panthers than he has so far.

  5. Love fans, Cam has done more for the team than ownership. I hope so, they paid him to do so, the owner can’t go play. Apparently neither can Cam anymore. Is anyone gonna feel sorry for you when your company no longer needs you?

  6. Cam newton and Ron made panthers relevant. If panthers do not act wisely, they will be tough spot, NFC south is not easy division

  7. You all are correct, Cam did a lot to put Carolina back on the map as a perennial division winner and with a Super Bowl appearance, even though he made us locals cringe every time he went to a press conference with his antics and attire. Von Miller was the kryptonite for Super Cam and he hasn’t been the same since. But who else is out there? Give up all your future picks and hope one of the top QB’s in the draft work out, or recycle another underachiever? It is a very perplexing time right now….

  8. respect the situation…cam declining, be it age or play style, it’s all about the bottom dollar….sad but true!

  9. It’s simple, if they get the guy they want Cams gone. If not he is safe for another year. This owner is all business. He doesn’t want you, you will know it. By the way he talks or doesn’t talk about Cam, you can tell he doesn’t want him. But he isn’t foolish enough to burn that bridge just yet.

  10. Cam hasn’t been an All-Pro for 5 years and hasn’t looked like an NFL level quarterback for 2 years.

    Time flies, life changes fast. Father Time is undefeated.

    Colin Kaepernick used to be good too.

  11. Scam newton has never been a Good NFL level QB in his entire career. He cannot read NFL style defense, never been an accurate passer, Happy feet, Me fist attitude. Carolina has NEVER had ( TWO ) Consecutive winning years with Scam as the QB. The new HC, Owner need to send Scam on Down the road with River boat Ron.Check Carolina W-L in all the Scam season’s.The Owner and the HC want to have a Winning team on a regular base’s. Carolina will never have that with Scam as their QB. Carolina need to Move On from the Failed Scam era. Your team will get much better without Scam.

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