Derek Wolfe: Will be weird to face Chargers without Philip Rivers

Getty Images

Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe had an interesting relationship with Philip Rivers during the quarterback’s years with the Chargers.

The two AFC West teams met twice a year, which allowed for plenty of time to exchange pleasantries and less friendly comments back and forth. In 2016, Wolfe revealed that one of his exchanges with Rivers included a vow to eat the quarterback’s kids that Wolfe said chilled their relationship a bit.

Wolfe spoke to Mike Klis of KUSA after Monday’s announcement that Rivers won’t be back with the Chargers and downplayed that comment while discussing how strange it will be to see the Chargers without Rivers.

“That guy is a true competitor, man,” Wolfe said. “If I am with the Broncos, anytime you play the Chargers it will be weird not playing against Philip Rivers. It was so much fun to compete against him.”

Wolfe is also set for free agency, so it’s not impossible that he and Rivers could wind up as teammates by the time the 2020 season gets underway.