Does Dak Prescott think he’s worth $40 million per year?

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In September, Dak Prescott reportedly turned down a contract that would have paid him roughly $33 million annually. The Cowboys quarterback wanted more.

How much more?

Russell Wilson‘s $35 million per year average set the bar last April, and Patrick Mahomes soon will reset it.

So where does Prescott fit?

Kimberley Martin of asked Prescott if he was worth $40 million annually in a new deal.

You tell me,” Prescott answered in the video, adding, “You’re the prognosticator.”

Martin reminded Prescott she’s not the one writing the checks.

“I’m not either,” Prescott said. “If it’s my call to write it, yeah, no telling. I mean, let’s be honest, right? So like I said before, I mean, I trust my agent. I trust the Cowboys. Something will get done. We’re not going to sit here and put a number on it. Something will happen.”

The Cowboys obviously want to get a deal done sooner than later, hoping to avoid having to use the franchise tag. But the sides have talked for a year already with no agreement.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m wondering the same thing,” Prescott said when Martin asked him when he will get paid. “Y’all know just as much as me. Love when that day comes. But I have confidence in my agency, my agents, my team. I’ve got confidence in the Cowboys. Something will get done.”

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  1. Nobody is promised tomorrow. $33.5 million dollars per year is an absurd amount of money. He passed on that because somebody told him he can get more. What happens to the family if Dak has a tragic incident like Kobe did? Would they be taken care of? Nope. Not like the contract/bonus money would. It is not like they offered him half of what he is worth. They offered him a ridiculous amount of money and he said, no. Not a wise move

  2. Prescott isn’t even remotely in Wilson’s or Mahomes league. Seattle is an also ran without Wilson and we all saw the Chiefs when Mahomes was doing his Dak impersonation.

    Dallas is 8-8 with him and would be 8-8 without.

  3. That blue star on Prescott’s helmet is the only reason the media is asking
    that question. The even bigger question is why the media is bringing it up at all.

  4. Skip Bayless is the typical type of cowboy fan that has driven daks ego. None of the cowboys losses are ever daks fault. Its either the o line, or Zeke’s, or the wrs, or the defense or the coaching. Never daks fault.

  5. Trade him to Cincinnati with some draft picks for the #1 pick. Or Miami for #5 for Tua. Cam Newton is better then Dak, there’s another options then 8-8 Dak. But as an Eagles fan and I’m sure NY and Washington agree..give 45 million a year, please.

  6. If Jerry really thinks the Cowboys are built to win NOW he should let Dak walk and sign Brady. Even at 43 TB is a better QB than Dak. TB had no WRs and a spotty OL last year at NE. If he played for the Boys last year, with the better WRS and far better OL, Dallas would have gone a lot further in the playoffs than they did under Dak

  7. bird2urmother says:
    February 11, 2020 at 7:32 pm
    Delusional cowboy fans have inflated his ego. Blame skip Bayless!

    We’re not as delusional as you worthless eagle fans are about Wentz.

  8. They would be a fool to pay him anything more then 30 million a year. If they were smart they would go full tilt after Phillip Rivers, he has a solid 4 years left behind that O-line and would be real contenders, not the contenders the media makes them out to be year after year.

  9. Why wouldn’t he think he’s worth $40 million per year?

    Jerrah keeps telling him he’s the greatest.

  10. Trade him to Cincinnati with some draft picks for the #1 pick.

    Not even Cincinnati is dumb enough to do that. If Dak seriously thinks he’s worth $40M then he’s totally delusional. I agree with another poster who said they’d be better off giving Brady whatever he wants and telling Dak good luck finding a team dumb enough to give him the $33M the Cowboys offered him. I still think I’d love to see them tag him and have him hold out then cut him the last day of cuts and wish him luck finding a team. He’s a mediocre QB on a good team and that team has gone nowhere under his ‘leadership’. He’s nowhere near as good as Wilson or Mahomes or Brady or Brees. To me he’s more like Tannehill or Cousins–he might win you a game now and then with his arm but more likely to choke in crunch time. In fact, I don’t think I’d rank Dak as even among the top ten QBs in the league. He’s more like the middle of the pack.

  11. Of course he does and so does Mahomes, Watson, Lamar, Rodgers, Wilson, Cousins…see where I’m going with this, NFL?

  12. He isn’t bad by any means but ask yourself this: Have you EVER been completely blown away by his performance? He’ll have a good game but by the end of the day you’ll have 20 other QB highlights in your head–some by guys you fully acknowledge are not as good overall as Dak–but you won’t have any recollection of any specific play he made.

  13. Hmm, should I pay TB12 for two years near $30-32 million or $40 for some QB that never got close to the big dance? League of free agency, and the “now or never” mode of it dictates there is a need. whould work well by all parties. Btw, Pats fan here, but it’s time TB12 makes his fair share before riding off in the sunset.

  14. Of course Jerry Jones will overpay for Dak. He always overpays for offensive skill position players. And of course they’ll have little to no money to spend on defensive players, and there will be gaping holes all over the defense. Some things never change in Dallas.

  15. Dallas does a great job of ruining QBs. Tony Romo quickly lost the college free agent approach and thought he was better than the team, and became a QB who put up big numbers, but never won anything significant. Dak has already lost the 4th round draft pick mentality, thinks he is elite, will get overpaid, and will underproduce because they won’t be able to sign enough of the supporting cast to help the team win. His career will look like Romo’s, big numbers, but a 9-7 QB.

  16. It doesn’t matter what Prescott thinks. On top of that, if they don’t pay him, then what do the Cowboys do? Prescott is just using the little leverage he has to get paid; can’t blame him. One thing is certain, he’s at a decent starter and that’s more than what other teams have

  17. We don’t know how was structured the offer he rejected. Was it related to the fully guaranteed money in the package, was it solely about the average per year?

  18. madmike6568 says:
    February 11, 2020 at 7:02 pm
    give him a 2 year “prove it ” deal….that’s my opinion anyway

    Dak and his agent love this idea. 2 years at 30 mil plus then a new contract when the CBA is done that would pay more. This approach would cost Dallas a ton of money.

  19. From Dak’s point of view, the Cowboys have gotten a discount for 4 years. He is in the top 3 in wins since he has been in the league. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, this means he gets top dollar just like the QB’s with fewer wins get. Personally, I think Dak is pretty good but nothing special. Once he gets paid they will not be able to afford the supporting casts. Then the true Dak will come out. He is no better then Kirk Cousins.

  20. Is the extra 7 million he is clamoring for gonna change anything besides sooth his inflated ego?

  21. If they are ready to win now, then Prescot should not be behind center. I would take Tannehill for 1 year over him, not that I’m a Tannehill fan.

  22. How much is enough!? Win something first, then ask for that kind of money. I say let this guy walk.

  23. Jerry Jones is his own worst enemy. The Elliot holdout and subsequent market reset is Dak’s blue print.

    Cooper isn’t going to stay with the Cowboys either unless he resets the WR market.

    The Cowboys have a lot of cap space but they also have plenty of players who believe they are the best in the league.

  24. I read earlier this year this dude made around 20 million dollars in sponsorship money because of the Dallas star on his helmet. That money should count as part of his contract.

    How much sponsor money would he get in a Jacksonville helmet?

    I pay him Carson Wentz money (even though he’s not as good) or I tag him and look for a successor.

  25. So funny. If Dallas Pays Dak even more then 35 million they will be mediocre at best and in salary cap hell for years. Bye Bye Dallas. America’s Chumps. Sad days ahead for jerry World.

  26. I don’t think this ends well for Dak. All that talent an all he can get them to is 8-8? If i’m the Cowboys, i’m Now glad he didn’t accept the 33 mil offer. Jerry, You want a chance at another Super Bowl? Go get Phillip Rivers! Behind that line he would light it up.

  27. Dak was the 3rd best QB last year statistically… just saying!

    So what? It is a team sport, therefore it is the result of the TEAM that matters, not the individual. The TEAM finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs. As a player put your ego aside and leave some meat on the bone to spend on other players. Once the TEAM improves, so does the individual’s legacy as a player.

  28. Salary cap is roughly 200 million. He is taking up 20% of the cap. That means the other 52 players get 160 million. Let him hold out or walk. He is not worth it.

  29. Dak Prescott is a very good QB.
    But he is not now, nor will he ever be, as elite as Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers, Brady.
    Whoever advised him to turn down $33m is crazy. If I am Dallas I trade him or franchise him two years straight. Dallas has 1 to 2 years to find a new long term QA who does not overvalue himself

  30. I bet you the guaranteed money is not that high. I think this offer is only a guarantee for one year. It would need to be a guarantee of at least 3 years at 32 million a year.

  31. I cant believe this is even up for debate. Dak bet on himself by rejecting a contract last year. He then went 8-8. Where are we ? Am I missing something here? This guy should feel lucky to get 9 million a year as a back up qb.

  32. At some point teams have to stop paying average QBs top money. Flacco, Cousins, now Dak. Its getting ridiculous. Even elite QBs are making too much. This is why you never see a top paid QB win a super bowl anymore because it takes money from other players. If these qbs really cared about winning they would take 15-20 million, still be very rich and let the team pay some other guys to help win.

  33. webster8723 says:
    February 12, 2020 at 11:32 am


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