John Lynch: Cap situation “not bleak,” but we have to make some trade-offs

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49ers General Manager John Lynch spent the last few years building the roster that took the team to Super Bowl LIV, but he’s shifting into a new mode for the 2020 offseason.

Lynch likened the earlier offseasons to going to the grocery store and taking anything you wanted from the shelf. He describes this year’s mindset as “I’ll have that, but I might have to put that back” in order to balance out holding onto key players while also finding ways to improve the team.

He’ll also have to do it with limited cap space, although Lynch downplayed that restriction.

“Someone was asking me, ‘Characterize our situation,'” Lynch said, via “It’s not bleak. It’s not like some people where you have to cut players just to be able to meet certain deals. I think more so understanding that there are players that are really good players we want to take care of, knowing it is tight. There may have to be trade-offs along the way. But I think we’re in a good position to find a way to certainly keep the core together and even, like I said, our mindset to improve it.”

Extensions for some veteran players and jettisoning others can create more cap space, but that may not stop the trade-offs for the 49ers this offseason from including farewells to players like Arik Armstead, Emmanuel Sanders and Jimmie Ward.

6 responses to “John Lynch: Cap situation “not bleak,” but we have to make some trade-offs

  1. As much as i loved their play this year, I wouldn’t give long extensions to Armstead and Ward. Both have exactly one year of good production, last year, and both have been hughly injury prone. Expecting them to repeat last year’s performance, and paying them as such, would be a mistake. Hopefully we can tag and trade Armstead to get a draft pick back. I like Sanders but if he wants decent money, have to let him go. His output in the offense declined mightily the back end of the season.

  2. Kwon Alexander restructured his deal and created 8-10 million of cap space for the 2020 season. Weston Richburg did as well, and created 4.5 million. The Niners are bringing back 90% of their starters. The only players they might lose are Jimmy Ward, whose always injured until this season, and already said he wants to play safety for the Niners. And Armstead, who, up until this year was a complete bust. He also said he wants to come back. The good thing about all of this is all their studs are still on rookie deals, and when they have to sign them to extensions, they will be well above in cap space. Paraag Marathe is a genius when putting these contracts together.

  3. “Someone was asking me, ‘Characterize our situation,’” Lynch said, via “It’s not bleak.
    Why would he even say bleak, he could have said we are fine just need to tweek the roster a little. One and done?

  4. Does anyone think they might be a better team next year? Seems likely they will fall off a bit. Picking up a banger RB in the draft could make them even scarier though.

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