Josh Allen admits playoff lateral “wasn’t my finest moment”

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For all the good things Josh Allen and the Bills did last season, there’s at least one play he’d like to have back.


During an appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, the Bills quarterback acknowledged that his fourth-quarter lateral in the direction of tight end Dawson Knox during their playoff loss to the Texans might not have been his wisest choice. Knox knocked the ball out of bounds to retain possession, and they drove for a game-tying field goal, which makes it easier to laugh about now.

It wasn’t my finest moment but I kind of just saw him. Hell, if I would have given him a good pitch, Dawson might have been able to go [all the way to the end zone],” Allen said. “I can’t promise that I’m not gonna do it but I don’t plan on it. Like it could happen. Was just trying to make a play.”

He joked that he “tried to channel my inner Reggie Bush there,” on the play. Of course, that one ended up much worse.

In the 2006 Rose Bowl, the then-USC running back tried a similar move, but it backfired badly.

The Bills avoided such a fate. This time.

9 responses to “Josh Allen admits playoff lateral “wasn’t my finest moment”

  1. Good for him realizing it wasn’t a great play, he is a 20 year old QB and is learning. Bad play, move on and get better. He will make more mistakes as any QB does – learning and getting better is the main goal. This kid will be alright, especially is Buffalo gives him some more weapons, they sure have the money to.

  2. BTW, every time I read the usual blasting about errors athletes have committed, I always go back to the horrendous abuse Bill Buckner received and receives. Anyone who has ever played much baseball knows the error they would most like to forget came on an easy play. Buckner was an outstanding player; did not earn the disrespect showered on him by media.

  3. He completely melted down and choked under the pressure, he is a turnover machine and he can’t read a comic book, much less defenses.

    Big time swing and a miss at finding a QB, again.

  4. He’s not very good at all, you can’t teach accuracy, he’s turning into a bust especially since they traded up so high to get him

  5. This was absolutely cringe worthy. It was a sign to me that mentally he was out of the game and somewhere in lala land. Then he tried to jump over a defender, it looked like he was going to break his leg… not good Josh

  6. Someone is still mad about 51-3 in an AFC championship game from almost 30 years ago…Must have lost his house to be this negative all the time.

  7. I hope he learns from it ! sometimes he says “I wont be doing that again “then he go’s back and does all over again during the season. like a throw off his back foot resulting in an interception when he gets pressured. He will be a good QB for us, he has the tools but his learning cure is questionable.

  8. The guy is still only 20 years old and will try anything to win. I like that mentality, it seems like his teammates do also. I wonder what JoeToronto will say as Josh continues to improve. I bet JoeToronto has much Josh Allen memorabilia, but still is in the closet.

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