Michael Irvin thinks it would be a mistake to replace Dak Prescott

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Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin created a stir by suggesting that Tom Brady could replace Dak Prescott at quarterback for the Cowboys.

Now, as he continues to try to walk back those comments, he wants to make it clear that he doesn’t think that’s the best.

Irvin started the whole thing by saying that “some very significant people” led him to believe there was a chance the Patriots free agent could end up with his old team. He then tried to clarify on Twitter that none of those people were with the Cowboys.

And after dropping such a bomb in what’s already going to be a relatively insane offseason for quarterback movement, Irvin’s surprised at what he hath wrought.

I am blown away with this,” Irvin told Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Regardless his intention, it did create content for days (along with the impression that Irvin was just jabbering), and now Irvin wants it known that he doesn’t think the Cowboys should do it.

“I said what somebody said. That should no way be taken as those are my thoughts on what should happen,” Irvin said. “Ain’t no way in world that should happen. That would be insane. Are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind? It’s over for Tom.”

Of course, that’s a hot take of its own. Brady’s turning 43 this year, but there’s nothing to suggest he can’t lead a team to the playoffs because he just did (without much in the way of receiving help around him).

9 responses to “Michael Irvin thinks it would be a mistake to replace Dak Prescott

  1. But I had a vodka and cranberry in my hand and I had to put it down and say, “let’s talk.” Irvin is a moron

  2. Well, by all means, let’s listen to the words of wisdom from this Rhodes Scholar.

    I wish the NFL network would just get rid of this gasbag.

  3. I would agree except he is asking for too much, and now that it has gone public, they can’t even trade him. So, they need to find a successor
    in the draft here soon and then simply walk from Dak when his rookie
    deal is done.

    He is untradeable with everyone knowing what he rejected. Dallas waited too long to give him the new deal or they should have dealt Elliott.

    They are dumb.

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