Mike Westhoff: Taysom Hill “throws better” than Lamar Jackson

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Taysom Hill has become a stellar special-teams player with plenty of promise at quarterback. Mike Westhoff, who served as special-teams coordinator with the Saints in 2017 and 2018, praised Hill’s skills in an early-January interview with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio.

“Take a look at Baltimore,” Westhoff said when discussing Hill’s skill set. “It’s the same kind of guy. Taysom Hill does those same kind of things. I think he throws better.”

Let’s be clear on this. Westhoff, an NFL special-teams coach from 1986 through 2018, isn’t saying Lamar Jackson doesn’t throw well; Jackson was the unanimous MVP for a reason. Westhoff is simply saying that he personally believes Hill, whom Westhoff observed for two years in practice, throws better. Which is a very boldly statement but, given Westhoff’s time with the Saints, hardly uninformed, at least as it relates to Westhoff’s knowledge of Hill.

Westhoff also predicted that, in time, Hill will become the starter with the Saints.

“I think you’ll see an offense that’s similar to Baltimore, that can do a lot of different things,” Westhoff said of a potential Taysom Hill-based attack in New Orleans. “And Sean Payton is an extremely qualified coach, and he’s very, very creative.”

Indeed, it’s far more likely that Hill will become a star player if he sticks with Payton, a master at designing plays that create mismatches between his players and opposing defenses. Payton constantly looks for new ideas, and he knows how to filter the ones that will work with his personnel.

Put simply, Payton does things that his players do well, and Payton avoids things that his players don’t do well, while constantly exploiting the weaknesses in the defense his team is facing in any given week. That approach has helped make Drew Brees one of the best quarterbacks ever — and it could help make Hill one of the best quarterbacks currently in the league.

27 responses to “Mike Westhoff: Taysom Hill “throws better” than Lamar Jackson

  1. According to the QB skills challenge that’s not that big of an accomplishment since so does everyone who participated including Jarvis Landry who’s a receiver.

  2. Check out his college games on you-tube … he was very exciting to watch and threw the ball well.

  3. FACT: baltimore has under-respected Mark Andrews (I TOLD YA he should have went higher – way to go, Bengals owner mike brown), drafted too early but decent Hayden Hurst (I TOLD YA – Mark Andrews was gonna be better), decent receiving depth, and a good offensive line is the reason for baltimore’s success.

    27th ranked PASS Offense is not too great.

    Mark Ingram’s underrated combination of workhorse rushing ability and catching out of the backfield and jackson’s legs that make baltimore dangerous.

    Oh… and… the 3rd ranked DEFENSE in the nfl.

  4. Personally, I think Hill is a gimmcky guy who is talented but has in NO WAY proven he is a starting caliber QB. Just because you can make splash plays when you come in for two or three plays does NOT mean you can manage a full game much less a season.

    Ever wonder why the went with Bridgewater for those 5 games instead of Hill?

    Why did they do that if Hill is such a lock to be their next QB if Brees does not return?

  5. Maybe he’s a slightly more accurate passer than Jackson. But he’s not in the same universe when it comes to athleticism and playmaking ability. Comparing the two is just foolish, He’s more of a better passing version of Tebow than Lamar.

  6. He throws so well that when Brees got hurt the Saints decided to start Teddy Bridgewater and leave Hill on the bench.

  7. Hill will be 30, and he has completed less than 50% of the passes he has thrown in the NFL.

    Do the Saints really believe there is a sucker born every minute?

  8. There is no other QB like Lamar, so quit comparing others to him. Go ahead and try to run an offense full time like the Ravens and watch your Franchise implode.

  9. Brycen Hopkins is one that might (stupidly) drop in the draft
    and produce more than some of the highly hyped early round tight ends.

  10. infectorman says:

    LJax could run better than this kid with one leg.

    I would agree if LJax could run a 4.4 40yd on one leg after gaining 25lbs.

  11. Who cares who throws better. Put them in the octagon. My money is on Taysom knocking him out in the first period.

  12. Who cares if Hill throws better than Jackson, i would take Lamar any day over this arrogant clown Hill who has only thrown 13 career NFL passes…..SMH!

  13. This is silly. Yes. Taysom is a better thrower than Lamar. Most of the QBs in the NFL are better throwers. Lamar is inaccurate with poor throwing mechanics. Just watch him when he has to throw outside the numbers or anything more than 5-7 yard slants to wide open receivers.
    But is Taysom a better QB than Lamar? Come on. Lamar is effective because he is a runner first. That allows him to set up throws to wide open receivers with the box stacked to stop the run. So his stats look incredible for completion percentages and “perfect” passer ratings.
    It won’t continue, but I’d take Lamar over Taysom and it’s not even close.

  14. Then Taysom Hill should just be given the MVP award next year without even playing. Old man rivers is just upset there’s only 4 to 5 great QBs left in the league for years to come and he doesn’t have one.

  15. I went back and watched Lamar’s highlights from 2019-20. This is scary to say, but he has so much more room to improve. If he comes out next season having improved as much as he did this season – WATCH OUT!!!!

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