Shad Khan: Having two competent QBs is “an embarrassment of riches”

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Who will start at quarterback for the Jaguars this season?

Nick Foles? Gardner Minshew?

The Jaguars don’t even seem certain, but they do seem to believe they are in a good position no matter who ends up starting.

“Frankly, this past year proved you better have two competent quarterbacks, OK?” owner Shad Khan said, via John Oehser of the team website. “There were a number of teams if they didn’t have a competent [backup] quarterback [in 2019], they wouldn’t have made it. If you look at it, from where we’ve come from . . . an argument could be made we didn’t have any competent quarterbacks, so this is, in a way, an embarrassment of riches for us in a good way that we do have two very good quarterbacks. I think as we move forward in this season – training camp or whatever – the coaches will have their work cut out to determine who gives us the best chance of winning as we move forward.”

Foles started only four games, breaking his left collarbone 10 plays into the season and then being benched late in the season. Minshew started 12 games as a rookie and showed promise.

Minshew threw 21 touchdowns, six interceptions and posted a 91.2 passer rating in going 6-6.

10 responses to “Shad Khan: Having two competent QBs is “an embarrassment of riches”

  1. Some prats are so rich they can’t recognize an impoverishment. Which will lead to more London games. Only to blame the best fans they have, and will ever have. How knackered is that? Bring them back home, Khan.

  2. Well maybe the Jags should start building an embarrassment of riches along the offensive line and at tight end. The fact is, NFL rules are now geared towards the offensive side of the ball, meaning, the old adage of defense winning championships is becoming more and more obsolete. The game is now about having a dynamic offense and a competent enough defense to keep you in games when the offense cannot execute. Teams winning now and getting themselves into playoff position can consistently score points on offense.

  3. 22 million for Foles is the only embarrassment! not to mention the 66 million to boot!! Thanks Tom………….

  4. And people actually thought Philadelphia should’ve kept Nick instead of Carson. 😂 Do you still feel the same?

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