Shad Khan: Playing outside the country turned out great for the Jaguars

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Many fans in Jacksonville are unhappy with the Jaguars’ decision to play 25 percent of their home games in London in 2020. But Jaguars owner Shad Khan believes London is the perfect second home for his team.

I think it’s been great,” Khan said of the decision to play internationally, via News 4 in Jacksonville. “Jacksonville I think is a small market. When I was introduced, for me it was, I’m going to do everything to keep NFL football in Jacksonville. So how do we do that? A logical solution to me was really we want to expand the fan base. We don’t want to put extra pressure on our fans in Jacksonville to be able to support all the games.”

Khan believes there are plenty of fans who want to see the Jaguars play in London.

“Playing games outside the country really turned out great for us,” Khan said. “I think our fans have traveled with us, we have a lot of fans outside the U.S. and it’s been a win-win for everybody. Great for the league, too.”

The major concern for fans in Jacksonville is whether they’ll soon hear Khan say that two games in London is so great that it should become four, and then four could become eight.

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  1. Jacksonville fan: Wait for Shad to utter these words, “And in the end, I had no choice.” Then the move becomes official.

  2. The key word is American football we have markets in the US like San Antonio that are bigger than 17 markets that have teams we should take care of our markets that can support teams instead of leaving the USA. As for the fans that lose games to outside countries let’s call it what it is screwed the only way the NFL will get the message is if they fans unite and don’t attend

  3. Khan is investing heavily in Jacksonville. Hes made an entertainment boulevard, etc. Hes not leaving the area – just trying to get the best of both worlds

  4. 2019 Jax home games in FL: 66748 – 17th and actually way up on the years prior to London.
    2019 Jax home game in UK: 84771 – which in league averages would be 2nd only to Dallas.
    (Note: Jax’s official average “home” figure of 69074 is inflated as it includes London games).

  5. He wants to move there, it is inevitable. But what if your player and your contract says you play for the Jacksonville Jaguars and you do not want to move there? Should or can you be a free agent? The owners want this and the 17 game schedule, time for D. Smith and Winston to interject.

  6. From a fan perspective (since Khan purchase) – 2-14, 4-12, 3-13, 5-11, 3-13, 10-6 (yay!), 5-11, 6-10.

    We also sucked the decade BEFORE you became owner

    Top 10 picks almost every year for a decade is not the fans’ fault for not supporting. The fans are here. Jax is 22nd in the league in attendance and bottom 3 in market size. We’re just waiting for the product to have value before we can justify the cost.

  7. “Hes not leaving the area – just trying to get the best of both worlds”

    And that works out poorly the vast majority of the time. Hard to cultivate passionate fans when you have no commitment to them. And if the NFL is bound and determined to have a team in London it’s not a smart move to give them a hand-me-down via a piecemeal move over time rather than just announcing an expansion team there that would be London’s from Day 1.

    I continue to be amazed at how backwards the NFL’s London strategy is. They have decided they can basically skip right past the “establish a fanbase” part of things which is destined to bite them eventually. Any team in London is going to have issues the second the newness wears off.

  8. Don’t know how this will play out but the handling appears strange. The lawsuit that St Louis has against the NFL may come in to play, now that the courts have said the matter was not subject to arbitration as the Rams professed. If the NFL is intent on getting to London they should probably handle it better that they did going to LA.

  9. I don’t hate this at all… people are always resistant to change in the beginning. I still don’t think American football players will want to play for a team that spends this much time in the UK… but what do I know

  10. hmm.. this reminds me of a Family Guy episode where they kicked Peter off the Patriots and he went to the London SillyNannies.

  11. “Shad Khan: Playing outside the country turned out great for the Jaguars.”

    Turned out great for the Jaguars, but what about the loyal Jacksonville fans that have supported them and had to put up with the extremely poor play of this team for the last decade?

  12. And to think that Jacksonville beat out Baltimore in the round of expansion! The sun king commissioner and Jack Kent Cook wanted Balt rolled into the DC market!
    Look what franchise is thriving and which plays “home” games in London!

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