XFL receiver explains on-field expulsion of Gatorade from system

Getty Images

A viral moment from the XFL’s return wasn’t the result of a virus.

Houston Roughnecks receiver Kahlil Lewis explained to Sarah Barshop of ESPN.com the moment after the first touchdown of his team’s win over the L.A. Wildcats. As Lewis lined up in the slot for a one-point conversion attempt, he vomited. Violently.

But it wasn’t because he was sick or had consumed milk with an expiration date of September 3rd. (The third?) Lewis had simply consumed Gatorade too quickly, and he had gotten a little too agitated.

I was just too excited,” Lewis told Barshop. “I was screaming, and I had just chugged a whole Gatorade. It came up. That is all. It wasn’t nerves. None of that, out of shape. Nothing everybody’s been coming to me with. It’s none of that at all.”

Teammate Sammie Coates doesn’t care about the explanation. He called the moment “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It was pretty funny, though,” Coates added, via Barshop. “I looked down the sidelines and I just see a whole lot of orange come out of his mouth. It was bad. . . . We’ve made fun of him for a couple days now.”

Lewis will likely hear about it for as long as he plays, and that’s actually good for him, the Roughnecks, and the XFL. At this stage of the resurrected league’s development, any publicity is good publicity — even if the publicity deals with a bodily function that is clearly within the bottom three on the list of bodily functions that anyone would like to be discussing publicly.