Brandin Cooks: Jared Goff is absolutely the guy

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The Rams’ slide from making the Super Bowl to missing the playoffs raised many questions about the team heading into the future.

Some of those questions focused on quarterback Jared Goff‘s fit as the franchise quarterback as he failed to match his production of the previous two seasons. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks doesn’t need any more answers from Goff on that front, however.

“Absolutely. Yes, he is the guy,” Cooks said to Doug Farrar of USA Today. “I mean, you talk about a guy that . . . we had so many different position changes along the offensive line last year. And for any quarterback, that is so tough. To still be able to stand in there and take the licks, it goes to show you that this guy is willing to do whatever it takes to win for his team. And at that young an age, when you have that mindset, special things happen.”

Cooks said “too many inconsistencies” were at the heart of the team’s struggles, but it remains to be seen if the team can find solutions to all of their issues with a salary cap situation limited by how much they’re paying Goff, Cooks, Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley.

5 responses to “Brandin Cooks: Jared Goff is absolutely the guy

  1. To paraphrase Jerry Jones, Goff is NOT the straw that stirs the Rams drink.

    A great offensive line makes all the skill position players look better and that unit went from a top 5 unit in 2018 to the 29th rated unit in 2019.

    They traded their #1 picks for the next 2 years for Jalen Ramsey and don’t currently have the space to sign him to an extension.

    Couple that with teams exposing Goff by defenses changing alignment after McVay can no longer tell him where to throw the ball and the Rams will not be competitors for the next decade.

    They went all in and now it is time to pay the bill. Goff is Flacco without the Superbowl win at the end of his rookie contract. Was anyone afraid of the Ravens during Flacco’s second contract? At least the Ravens had a top defense, what do the Rams have?

  2. Yes, he is the guy. But as with any team he is only the guy until he is not the guy! If, however, they don’t address the problems across the offensive line and the running back situation he is going to be the damaged guy!

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