Drew Pearson takes aim at Mel Tucker for leaving Colorado

Getty Images

Three days after Mel Tucker publicly renewed his vows with the Colorado football program, Tucker bolted for Michigan State. Former NFL receiver Drew Pearson is not happy about that, because Pearson has a grandson who decided to attend Colorado based on the representation that Tucker would be there.

MEL TUCKER IS A CON MAN!” Pearson tweeted. “He recruited my grandson to go to CU said he wasn’t going anywhere then ups and leaves. Sat there and lied to my face he wasn’t going anywhere! So I want to beat him up today on social media. What else can I do?”

There’s not much else Pearson can do. But it’s good that he’s speaking up. We’ve come to accept the fact that football coaches who insist on blind loyalty from their players aren’t willing to show blind loyalty when a better offer comes along. It’s wrong. Even if there’s not much anyone can do other than say so, people should always be willing to say so.

That’s what Tucker did. And if he gave his word to recruits that he was going nowhere, he should be held accountable. The good news is that Pearson has a platform to express his displeasure. Most kids don’t have the connection that allows lies to be exposed in this way.