Emmanuel Sanders says he’ll play at a high level well into his 30s

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Emmanuel Sanders turns 33 on March 17. On March 18, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He hopes his age doesn’t prevent teams from offering him substantial contracts.

Sanders, a wide receiver who played well for the 49ers after getting traded from the Broncos in the middle of the season, wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t appreciate suggestions he’s on the decline.

“It’s crazy how people keep talking about my age but I’m still flying past 23 year olds and only had two drops the entire year,” Sanders wrote. “Keep bringing up my age to make yourself feel good but go look at the film. I’m still playing at a high level and will continue to play at a high level as long as I want because my heart is immeasurable and my work ethic is second to none! And this is coming from a good place. I wish nothing but love and happiness to everyone. Just think it’s funny that people keep bringing it up as if it’s a valid point.”

Sanders played 20 games last season, 17 in the regular season and three in the postseason, but he sounds like he has the energy for a big workload ahead.