Eric Bieniemy should stay right where he is

Getty Images

It may make sense for Colorado, which suddenly has a head-coaching vacancy, to want to hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. It doesn’t make sense for Bieniemy to want the job.

Bieniemy occupies a spot on the short list of NFL head-coaching candidates for 2021. And there’s no reason to think his star will fade in the coming season, given the presence of Patrick Mahomes on the Kansas City roster. So why leave for a mid-level college program now when he could be leaving for an NFL program soon?

This doesn’t mean Bieniemy should pounce on the first NFL job that comes his way. Why take a bad job with a bad team with a bad quarterback and get fired after 2-3 years when Bieniemy can continue to run the most potent offense in the league?

There’s another factor to consider for Bieniemy: How long Andy Reid plans to keep coaching. If Bieniemy stays put, he could potentially succeed Reid and drive the Mahomes bus for the balance of Mahomes’ career.

Regardless, the first step for Bieniemy needs to be saying no to Colorado, no matter how hard the school may try to get him to come back to the place where he still holds the career rushing record.