Michael Bidwill: 17th game won’t impact safety of players

Getty Images

In a proclamation that will come as news to the players who are trying to stand against the inevitable tide, Cardinals chairman Michael Bidwill said playing an extra regular season game poses no additional risk to players.

During an interview on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, Bidwill said he’s like the rest of the owners in hoping for a 17-game regular season.

“I think our fans would like more,” Bidwill said. “We have surveyed our fans. The heath/safety data plays out that we can do 17 games and it’s not going to impact the safety and the health of the players. I am really proud of the work the league is doing in terms of the health and safety. A lot of big strides have been made. . . . We’ll see where the players land.”

Bidwill’s invention of a safe 17th game will likely come as welcome news to the players, who would probably love to play in one without the risk of injury.

Of course, everyone assumes that an extra game is coming, whether players or fans want it or not, as the league continues to negotiate the next CBA with the NFL Players Association.