Michael Johnson on Tyreek Hill’s Olympic hopes: He knows what his sport is

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Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill said last month that he wants to try to make the United States Olympic team as a sprinter and those comments have received responses from a pair of Olympic stars.

Eight-time gold medalist Usain Bolt said “there’s no chance” that Hill could run consistently enough at high enough speeds to make the U.S. team. Four-time gold medalist Michael Johnson shares Bolt’s take.

He said “no” when asked if Hill could make the team and said the wideout “knows what his sport is.” Johnson, who is training prospects for their 40-yard dashes at the Scouting Combine, then went on to explain why he feels that way.

“Honestly the sport is much more complex than people think,” Johnson said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “These guys are all fast and they’re struggling to pick up the concept of a simple start position. Simple to me. Not simple for them. Just like if I went in and tried to be a running back. It looks simple, just take the ball and avoid the defense. It looks simple. It’s not simple. None of these sports are simple. At a world-class level, nothing is simple. To be a world-class athlete in any sport, you have to have a tremendous amount of experience and you probably have to have been doing that since you were kid.”

It remains to be seen if Bolt or Johnson will dissuade Hill from spending some portion of the offseason bidding for a chance to go to Tokyo this summer.

5 responses to “Michael Johnson on Tyreek Hill’s Olympic hopes: He knows what his sport is

  1. It would be far more feasible for a football player to take on track than and runner to take on football.

    Sure, Hill would have to lose 20 or so pounds, thus negating his football body, but he would only get faster if he did that. Fast enough? I don’t know. But the 200 time Tyreek ran in high school had him in the ranks with other runners and not too far behind Bolt. And that was in his adolescent body…

    Another factor is Hill has made more money than Johnson or Bolt or any of them. So these track guys can run their mouths, but the large bank accounts belong to football players.

  2. Hill is fast but he hasn’t ran track in years and his best times were in Junior College back in 2013. You don’t just show up and make the Olympic team over the offseason.

  3. Hey,ethnocentric sports guys-track athletes make large sums of money outside the US. I believe Mr. Bolt is worth around $90 million having made north of $33 million in one year.

  4. Why are people so insistent on demeaning others while putting themselves on pedestals. Think he will fail? fine. Should he not try to accomplish something he wants to accomplish simply because people don’t think he can? Really? That’s what we’ve become? I’m sure Tyreek has his doubts too. And overcoming those doubts and fears and simply trying is admirable. Last thing I would tell my kids is to not try out because obviously you wont make the team. I say do it, Tyreek. Do your best. Its a long shot and I’m sure you understand that, but you should not hold back from living your dreams. No one should.

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