Myles Garrett reinstated by NFL

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This week’s meeting must have been a good one.

The Browns announced that defensive end Myles Garrett has been reinstated by the NFL.

Garrett was given an indefinite suspension last November for clocking Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with his own helmet. He ended up missing the final six games of the season.

Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Garrett on Monday, and was apparently convinced that Garrett was contrite.

The Browns issued a statement backing their star pass-rusher.

“We welcome Myles back to our organization with open arms,” Browns General Manager Andrew Berry said. “We know he is grateful to be reinstated, eager to put the past behind him and continue to evolve and grow as a leader. We look forward to having his strong positive presence back as a teammate, player and person in our community.”

44 responses to “Myles Garrett reinstated by NFL

  1. “grow as a leader”, “strong positive presence”??? How about some contrition for assault with a deadly weapon?

  2. Gotta make sure those AFC teams are at full throttle to try to keep NE down! lol

    Absolutely ridiculous for him to be re-instated when they said it would likely go into early next year.

  3. Garrett has to realize now that he’s got the “dirty player” label on him for the rest of his career. Neither the refs nor the league are going to give him the benefit of the doubt on anything, ever. He needs to learn how to play squeaky clean football.

  4. He’s used his “get out of Roger jail free” card. No more benefit of the doubt should be extended.
    That said, that whole scene was a clusterbomb of ridiculousness for which several players should have received larger penalties.

  5. Six games for THAT??!!
    Are you freaking kidding me?
    What a terrible message this sends to other players

    He literally could have KILLED Rudolph
    The fact that he didn’t shouldnt mitigate a lesser sentence!

  6. Well that’s fair. Ripping off a QB’s helmet during a game in November on national TV and using it to hit him in the head draws 6 games. While Jarran Reed got 6 games for attempting to forcefully remove a female guest from his apartment where she was arguing with another guest. An unruly party guest scenario. 2 1/2 years prior! No video. No damage to the supposed victim. No charges filed by police. 6 games? Equivalent to assaulting the opposing QB with his own helmet on live TV? The random nature of the severity of Goodell’s player punishment is maddening.

  7. Football is an inherently violent sport that encourages physical rage from its participants. Everyone clutching their pearls over the helmet incident rather than cheering it for its exceptional entertainment value needs to ask themselves why they follow football in the first place.

  8. Earlier in the year he ended Trevor Siemian’s season on a dirty play. Then he got another flag for a late hit in the same game. He may be contrite but he’s still dangerous.

  9. Myles Garrett gets 6 game suspension for ripping a helmet off and using as a weapon to hit in the head. Yet Josh Gordon gets suspended indefinitely for marijuana when 26/32 teams, 81%, are in states where medical marijuana is legal and 10/32 31% are recreational legal.

  10. Moving forward he has no margin for error . Garrett is a very articulate intelligent young man with a lot of passion . Hope he can keep his cool as teams will be doing there best to bait him .

  11. He did wrong. He followed the NFL rules for reinstatement.

    Now he can punch players like TJ Watt.

    Ndamukong Suh is still in the league.

  12. He deserves a second chance, but it should have come after the 4th game in the 2020 season. Goodell is never consistent or clear on what a “strong message” is.

  13. Wooooooooo! Hate on haters! Shoulda been one game max. Rudolph had no injuries from the incident whatsoever. No blood no foul.

  14. Six games for trying to crack another players skull open? Big fail here by the NFL. Matter of fact, just for pulling a Jussie afterwards he should have gotten a year. He’ll be at it again. In his mind he got away with it & was not in the wrong.

  15. How many of you welcoming Miles back to the NFL are the same ones calling for Tyreek Hill to be suspended? The hypocrisy in these blogs is just astounding.

  16. The league doesn’t want to diminish the window for CLE success. Had he been on a different team, say north of NY this would still be “indefinite w/undecided return”

  17. I like that Browns fans think this makes a difference.

    You haven’t had a winning season since the Bush presidency. Why sell your souls now?

  18. Remember everyone. Smoking marijuana helps with anxiety, pain, and even in some cases of mental illness (regardless of what the propaganda says). You will get thrown out of the league if you use it to be healthy.
    Assult someone with a deadly weapon. Not a problem, welcome back in a handful of games. By the way, getting addicted to pain killers is also welcome.

  19. If Myles Garrett was a 6th round nobody he would be still suspended and probably out of Browns team.
    At the other side football is better with him playing.

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