Philip Rivers left parting gift for one Kansas City heckler

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Philip Rivers seemed to know there was a chance his Week 17 trip to Kansas City might be his last one as the Chargers quarterback.

So he decided to leave a parting gift for a guy he got to know over the years.

Via Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star, Rivers acknowledged one particular heckler, who had been giving him the business for both his play on the field and his unwillingness to wait in line for barbecue.

“It was one guy in particular back there that you almost feel like you’ve gotten to know over the how many years he’s been back there,” Rivers said after that game. “I laugh because many years ago, me and [former Chargers quarterback] Charlie Whitehurst were going to Oklahoma Joe’s and the line was long. We were in there and there was nothing but Chiefs fans everywhere and now we’ve been seen from being in such a busy place. We’ve been standing there for about 3 minutes and we decided we’d go ahead and leave.

“So, the next day, I’m here at the game and this guy hollers at me, ‘Hey Rivers, let me tell you how we do it at Oklahoma Joe’s. You stand in line and then you order just like everybody else.’ There’s always just been this back and forth with him. He gives it to me and then we’ll make a good play and he’ll say, ‘OK, I’ll give it to you’. We caught eye contact at some point today and he said, ‘Can I get those?’ So, I thought why not, if it’s the last time in here.”

So Rivers gave the guy his gloves before heading off into the sunset.

Rivers will head to free agency this spring, after he and the team announced he wouldn’t return to the Chargers. And he might have to stand in line for a new team, as he might not be the first domino to fall in a crowded market.

13 responses to “Philip Rivers left parting gift for one Kansas City heckler

  1. I never thought more of Rivers than I do now…all those YEARS hating on what now seems like a decent guy.

  2. I don’t see anyone picking him up to be a starter with his penchant for throwing picks. If the XFL paid more, maybe.

  3. I always despised Rivers as an opponent of the Chiefs, but respected him as a person and quarterback (just like Elway). He’s been a quality quarterback 14 games of the year. 😀

  4. Rivers would be a huge improvement next year for plenty of teams.

    An above average qb is a tough get even if he’s at the end of his career…

    … he beats the hell out of Trubisky, Newton, Darnold to just name a few

  5. VisionTim, you are clueless as to why the picks from Rivers happened. From PFF: The Chargers pass protection offensive line was ranked 29th out of 32 teams for year 2019 and have never risen above the 26th place since year 2014. Their star O line stud – Russell Okung LT – was out much of the season with an illness and the only other quality blocker was center Mike Pouncey, who also missed games. Tackles Scoffield and Tavi were a combined 2nd worst in pass protection for the entire NFL. They allowed 88 pressures on Rivers through the season.

    You get it now, VisionTim? Rivers is an elite QB, but not a miracle worker.

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