Report: Bengals willing to work with Andy Dalton on trade

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When Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin discussed the team’s plans for quarterback Andy Dalton last month, he said the team would not do anything that Dalton is “uncomfortable with” and that they will be in “constant communication” this offseason.

The backdrop for those comments is the expectation that the Bengals are going to use the first overall draft pick on a quarterback this April and it appears one of the things they’ll be discussing with Dalton is the possibility of a trade.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is willing to work with Dalton to facilitate a trade to another team “when the time is right.” That approach would give Dalton some say over his next team while also offering the Bengals a chance to gain some compensation in return for the veteran quarterback.

That outcome will rely on another team stepping up to acquire Dalton along with the contract that’s set to pay him a salary of $17.5 million in 2020.

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  1. Consider that Cousins or Goff are getting 30mil, Dalton is a steal at 17.5mil and a late draft pick. Especially if you’re a team in a transition period or whiff in the draft.

    If they waive him, they get nothing and he gets $5mil as a backup QB somewhere.

  2. That 17.5 million IS a bargain for a player like Dalton. For comparison, the Bears gave Mike Glennon a similar deal in 2017. Yeah…

  3. Better than Dak at half the price. Perfect fit for Dallas, they could draft their future QB, Dalton has had some decent talent, when all healthy at the same time, but Dallas has a lot of pieces in place to help Dalton become more successful. At this point with Dak’s demands, I would prefer Dalton at $17.5, Bridgewater, Brady, Rivers, Winston, etc. Dak, who I like, is not worth $35-40 mil

  4. Dalton better be willing to go to any team that willing to take that contract, considering he is unlikely to be “guaranteed” a starting job anyplace, he wont get that much on the open market.

  5. Bengals will be lucky to get anything more than a 4th round pick for Dalton. Middle of the road 32 year old QB’s have little value. Especially one who is owed $17.5 million

  6. Barring an absurd amount of key injuries, Andy Dalton gets the Cowboys a division crown for half the price of Dak and the opportunity to draft defense rather than a tagged Dak’s replacement. The running game and an improved defense allows the Cowboys to be dangerous in the tourney. With all the possibilities at QB this year, there is no way I would give Dak all that money he thinks he deserves. I would not even tag him at all. Where would he go that isn’t already set or eyeing a particular guy? Maybe the Patriots if Brady leaves but he won’t get close to 30 million.

  7. Longtimepackerfan says:
    February 12, 2020 at 5:25 pm
    Vikings could use him.


    Based on the past season, exclusively, I would’ve almost rather had Cousins than Rodgers.

  8. Dalton has had mediocre to poor coaching in his career yet somehow got the Bengals to the playoffs multiple times. Imagine what he could do with a good head coach and some talent….

  9. in other words no other team is going to want to pay him and they are assuming they will just cut him when they need to but hey if someone wants to trade draft picks for the privelage of paying A.D. then they will gladly accept and Andy will be happy because he will be a starter on said team willing to trade for the pleasure and honor of paying AD 17 million dollars. otherwise they have an excellent backup/transitional veteran qb to help train the new guy, or they can cut him and say they did there best.

  10. 17.5 million is a bargain for a starting QB in the NFL these days. If Average Dak can get 35 million dalton is worth a second rounder

  11. Vikings have negative cap room and an expensive QB.

    Bears would be a good fit but they have their own cap issues.

    I think San Diego makes sense. They can still draft a kid at #6 or they can go with “Dalton surrounded by talent” for a few years and deal with the future later.

    The latter plan lets them use their #6 on a tackle or a defensive weapon. Sign a guard and for Rivers’ contractprice , you get Dalton, a top-6 pick, and a stud OG with some money to spare.

  12. Longtimepackerfan says:
    February 12, 2020 at 5:25 pm
    Vikings could use him

    Perfect replacement for Rodgers. Less whiny. And more accurate.

  13. 🤔🤔🤔🤔don’t know ….Burrow is a great QB..I mean great ..but his attitude is not ok with me… a KID like that…and he listens to a over hype QB like Palmer WHO HAS NEVER WON NOTHING ON PRO LEVEL..Period..Palmer was mediocre at best just ask Fitzgerald..Loving my bengals I still think Dalton needs improvement..But trade him …??
    I am not quite sold on.that number one pick can bring a lot with Miami..1 for2 and get their 2nd & 3rd pick this year. Go get ur Qb after Burrow is off the board, Grab that kid out of Georgia with 2nd pick..let Dalton play his contract out and “IF” DALTON PLAYS LIKE A SEASON VET AND MAKES A DEEP PLAYOFF PUSH.. RESIGN HIM TO 4 MORE YEARS WHICH WILL GIVE THAT KID FROM GEORGIA..TIME TO DEVELOP HE HAS A ROCKET FOR AN ARM…AND DRAFT 2 EDGE RUSHERS AND 2 OLINEMAN THIS YEAR IN 2ND AND 3RD ..WHICH WILL PRODUCE 4 PLAYERS IN THOSE ROUNDS HAVING MIAMIs picks for BURROW…and we got Dalton..with a healthy OLINE..and all wideouts healthy with Mixon and Benard AND EIFERT healthy…We will be solid…
    Because for me …Dalton is solid …he just need a o-line ..WITH ALL HIS WEAPONS HEALTHY. WHEN that happens he will be back at pro bowl….

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