Seattle Dragons hope to have 30,000 fans at home opener

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Each of the four Week One XFL games had attendance figures between 17,000 and 18,000. The Seattle Dragons make their home debut this weekend, and they’re hoping for a lot more than that.

Via Scott Hanson of the Seattle Times, team president Ryan Gustafson said that ticket sales for Saturday’s home opener exceed 25,000. The team hopes that the crowd will reach 30,000.

“We’re going to keep it going,” Gustafson said. “The demand has really gone through the roof since Saturday, and we’re really excited about it. It’s an exciting start. Seattle fans love their football. They are excited about this team and we’re grateful about that.”

On Monday, an extra 1,000 seats were made available. They quickly sold out.

Gutafson added that the Dragons lead the XFL in season-ticket sales. The number spiked after the Seahawks’ playoff run ended.

Still, even if 30,000 attend the Dragons’ home opener, the stadium will be more than half empty. That’s one of the problems with playing in an NFL stadium — and it’s something the XFL shouldn’t be doing. Games broadcast from full stadiums feel like a big deal. Images of empty upper decks undermine that vibe.

Even with only 30,000 people in CenturyLink Field, it could get raucous. The venue was designed to amplify noise and direct it to the visiting sideline. The Tampa Bay Vipers will be the first XFL road team to experience that dynamic.

5 responses to “Seattle Dragons hope to have 30,000 fans at home opener

  1. Wait until the Chargers move into their new stadium and have the same problem. That’s an alleged NFL team.

  2. Hahahaha and I bet it makes the NBA sick that they went for a cash grab in OKC 10 years ago and now Seattle sports fans are spending on MLS soccer and XFL, while the OKC Thunder have long been a non-factor and the “fans” have long got over the novelty of seeing live NBA games

  3. The howler monkeys have been going through withdrawal because their NFL team has not hosted a playoff game at home for a few years in a row. I guess howling at the TV set is not that much fun, even if the family dog joins in. Howling at XFL games may be their only option for the near future, because it is unlikely that Seattle can win the NFC West. Seattle lost 3 games against divisional rivals in 2019 and an encore performance in 2020 will almost certainly mean that the best it can hope for is another wildcat entry into the playoffs, and that means no howling after the regular season, again, unless they go to XFL games.

  4. californianewton says:
    February 13, 2020 at 10:26 am
    The howler monkeys

    Unlike the bandwagon Clara 9ers fans who only started showing up again when their team became competitive (after years of cellar dwelling and being unable to fill their Levi’s), the howler monkeys support their team even in a down season. (you know, around here, that still means going to the playoffs…unlike the pain 9ers fans have had to cope with this Century)
    At least the 9ers “fans” are guaranteed to show next year, but only for about half the season, because as we all know, the money is about to run out (only $14M cap space, palyer want and then they’ll be heading back to the basement where they’re more familiar with the view.

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