The XFL doesn’t have its first quarterback controversy — yet

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As the XFL hopes to establish itself in the sports landscape, there are certain boxes the fledgling league will have to check.

But they may have to wait a bit for their first quarterback controversy.

Via Eduardo Encina of the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay Vipers coach Marc Trestman said starting quarterback Aaron Murray would remain in his role when he returns from an injury.

Murray hurt his foot during the opener, but also threw two bad interceptions, which caused some there to wonder if backup Quinton Flowers might be up soon. He took all the work with the starters in practice Tuesday, but Trestman said Murray would go back to the front of the line when he was healthy.

That’s the way we expect it to happen,” Trestman said.

Whether Murray’s going to be able to return for Saturday’s game in Seattle remains to be seen.

Flowers averaged 6.8 yards per carry, but threw just two passes in relief. The Vipers want to line him up at running back and receiver as well.

6 responses to “The XFL doesn’t have its first quarterback controversy — yet

  1. While watching the game with a buddy, as the second half got underway we couldn’t believe Trestman was sending Murray back into the game. Flowers may not have thrown much but when he was at QB they actually moved the ball.

  2. Honestly didn’t know too much about Flowers at all except that he went to USF, so I hopped over to good ole Wikipedia – the kid actually had an incredible college career with many honors.

    You gotta wonder with all these practice squad guys who bounce around teams and then finally strike gold when given the opportunity, the XFL gives NFL teams real game film to see if there’s anything there that pops out that may have previously been dismissed in preseason.

    The guy is only 25 years old…I’m rooting for him! Murray has had his spotlight and he has proven to be very mediocre at best. Lets go Quinton!

  3. “You gotta wonder with all these practice squad guys who bounce around teams and then finally strike gold when given the opportunity”

    What’s weird is how many people don’t want to give them a shot. PFT has ran multiple articles on how the XFL supposedly “needs” big-name players. They’ve advocated them spending big bucks to lure in somebody like Trevor Lawrence for a year before he would jump to the NFL and they without question were an advocate of Murray since he had some name recognition. You’d think putting the best players on the field would be the obvious choice but some seem to prefer watching guys fail a second or third time rather than giving somebody new a shot.

  4. I guess, if “who’s the guy that replaced what’s his face” would ever be considered a controversy. I watched some last week. Just wasn’t a way I wanted to spend my afternoon. Perhaps the off time from football is what makes some of the excitement.

  5. Flowers was seriously dynamic at USF. I’d give him a shot. Think he’s got speed that defenders can’t match – whether running or scrambling to buy time for WRs to get open.

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