Vonn Bell hopes to stay with Saints this offseason

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Safety Vonn Bell has noticed a trend regarding contracts for players at his position.

Eddie Jackson, Kevin Byard, Tyrann Mathieu and Landon Collins have all landed big deals over the last year. Bell is in position to land a new contract of his own this offseason and said he thinks the rise in salaries makes sense because a good safety is “the general of the defense.

“You’ve gotta get the calls,” Bell told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. “You’ve gotta get guys lined up. You gotta be able to be in the post, in the box, cover the slot, you’ve gotta be so versatile on the field. That’s why I feel like the payroll is rising, because of the versatility and you’re an asset on the team.”

Bell also spent a little time discussing where he’d like to be playing under the terms of his next contract.

“First and foremost, I want to go back, but we have to see what happens,” Bell said. “You always want to go to a contender. I’ve been spoiled the last few years, going to the playoffs each year. You want to go to that. You always want to have a chance in the big dance and go get it. You always want to have a good culture, good standing program, club. We’ll see what happens.”

Bell was a 2016 second-round pick and he’s started 45 games for the Saints over the last four seasons.

4 responses to “Vonn Bell hopes to stay with Saints this offseason

  1. If you watched any of the Saints games this year you have probably noticed that their safety tandom was horrific. Bell and William’s have tackled more of their own team than the opposing. He may look good statistically but his performance has cost them games. Apparently based on what he said about being a general and getting guys lined up, he has taken responsibility for the secondary which played pretty poorly most games. Let em walk!

  2. Bell was outstanding this season and was always around the ball, unlike Marcus Williams who was chronically late. Bell should get a fair offer to stay with New Orleans

  3. Vonn had steadily improved since his rookie year. I would definitely be open to re-signing him to a lucrative contract. He is a solid tackler and above average in coverage. Anyone who watched him last season would know he has very good range and can cover a lot of ground quickly. Safety is far from the Saints’ secondary problems. We need stud corners to compliment Lattimore.

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