Anthony Lynn: Tyrod Taylor is a heck of a quarterback

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After the Chargers announced last week that they won’t re-sign quarterback Philip Rivers as a free agent, General Manager Tom Telesco said that he was fond of the team’s internal options to replace Rivers.

Those options are 2019 fifth-round pick Easton Stick, who hasn’t taken a regular season snap, and former Bills and Browns starter Tyrod Taylor. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn talked about how Taylor might factor into the decision during an appearance on AM 570 LA Sports.

“Tyrod Taylor is a heck of a quarterback,” Lynn said, via “We couldn’t have a better backup right now, and now he has an opportunity to maybe step up into a starting role. I’ve had Tyrod before [in Buffalo], and I know what this young man brings to the table, in the passing game and the running game. One of the things he does very well is take care of the football. I believe every year he’s started in this league he’s been the No. 1 quarterback in taking care of the football. I believe more games are lost than won. So if we can just take care of the football and take it away, we’ll be OK.”

Taylor and Stick both bring a more mobile style to the table than Rivers and Lynn said you “can do more things and be more cutting edge” with such a quarterback in the offense. He added that “you can still win with a classic pocket passer,” so the Chargers don’t seem to be set on any direction for next season at this point.

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  1. How did that blaming it on Andy Dalton and Ryan Tannehill go?!?

    SEE: Ryan Finley and 2019 Miami Dolphins

  2. We’ll see if Lynn is willing to bet his future in LA by starting Tyrod. Taylor is a capable game manager, but if his team is down late in the 4th quarter chances of a comeback win are slim.

  3. Tyrod throws a good long ball….his intermediate throws are the problem as his height makes it difficult for him to see over the D line. His running skills are some of the best for an NFL QB and he does not turn over the ball much…Id give him another shot…

  4. saying all the right things just in case they are shunned in free agency by all the QBs and their QB choice in the draft doesn’t fall to them. both are possible.

    yes they are located in LA…but its not like there will be a ton of local sponsor opps or even fans to buy the new QBs jersey.

  5. Tyrod Taylor is not “a heck of a quarterback.” By “taking care of the football” he means that Taylor is very, very conservative with his throws. Risk averse to the point of paralysis. I wish him the best but he is a backup at best.

  6. I watched Tyrod in Buffalo for several years and nearly pulled out all my hair. He is in no way a heck of a QB. He is always near the lead in turnover ratio because he’s afraid to throw the ball. If his receiver isn’t wide open he won’t throw it. He rarely throws it over the middle of the field, maybe because he can’t see it or maybe he’s afraid of turnovers. He can avoid a lot of sacks because he is very mobile. But if you need him to win a game, forget it.

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