Cardinals won’t object if chosen for Hard Knocks

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The Cardinals are one of five teams that can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks if no team volunteers. If they are chosen, the Cardinals won’t complain.

Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill said on 98.7 FM that the Cardinals don’t mind appearing on such shows.

“We’re always going to listen to everything,” Bidwill said, via the Arizona Republic. “We’ll see what comes up. I think we’ve done a good job of being available and volunteering to do things, like All or Nothing. So we’ll see where we end up.”

The NFL allows teams to turn down Hard Knocks if they’ve been on it in the last 10 years, if they’ve been in the playoffs in the last two years, or if they have a first-year head coach. The Cardinals don’t fit any of those categories, so they can be forced to appear. The Lions, Broncos, Jaguars and Steelers are the other teams that could be forced to appear on Hard Knocks.

8 responses to “Cardinals won’t object if chosen for Hard Knocks

  1. The All or Nothing series featuring the Cards was fun to watch. In fact, I liked it enough to watch it twice. I got soured on Hard Knocks last year with Chuckie and the Raiders, however, so I may not watch at all this year.

  2. All or Nothing is way better than Hard Knocks. HKnocks has a formula that is getting old.

    I might be interested in the Steelers but I’d watch All or Nothing if it was a college team. From Grambling to ASU to ‘Bama. And I’m not big with college football but I LOVE ‘back’ stories. Hard knocks does not do that well.

  3. Hard Knocks WAS one of my favorite shows until Chuckie made it all about himsel last season.
    Cardinals might be a better fit as the head coach doesn’t seem to be a camera ham, and they can make the focus on the players. I have HBO, so i’ll watch the first episode no matter who the team is, but if it’s anything like the Chuckie show, I won’t be watching further.

  4. How about the new england patriots?!?

    A whole lot of drama and instability.

    It would be very interesting viewing
    the team’s impending decline and internal combustion.

  5. We already know who’s going to be on Hard knocks… This is their only chance of getting the Steelers and they will get the rehab of Big Ben… no brainer

  6. I am really surprised that the XFL did not attempt to do a Hark Knocks type of series with one of their teams… this would have been a great way to promote themselves.

  7. The new season of All Or Nothong just dropped, going to be checking that out probaly later today.

    As far as Hard Knocks, from the teams they have to pick from only two have a chance at getting pick. And I think the Steelers will get picked over the Ponys.

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