Father says it’s not hard for Andrew Luck to disappear

Getty Images

Oliver Luck is making the rounds at the moment, getting plenty of attention as Commissioner of the XFL.

His son Andrew, on the other hand, hasn’t been seen much since his shock retirement prior to last season.

When Oliver Luck made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday, he said his son was in a good place now, and didn’t need a job or anything.

“No, thank you for asking. He’s Mr. Mom right now,” Oliver said, via the Indianapolis Star. “He and his wife had their first child about three months ago. He’s doing a lot of babysitting.”

Actually, when you’re a 14-year-old and it’s the neighbor’s toddler, that’s babysitting. What Andrew Luck is doing is called parenting, and his dad said he’s happy doing it outside the prying eyes of the world.

“He’s one of these millennials that isn’t involved with social media,” Oliver said. “I guess there’s still a handful of those guys out there. As a result, it was very easy for him to get out of the spotlight and live his own life.”

Having live his own football life, Oliver Luck said he’s proud that players such as his son and Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly could walk away when they chose to.

“Guys like me were told when we were done,” Oliver said. “I really admire that because that’s taking control. It’s also taking care of your post-career future, which is critical for a lot of guys.”

And for now, that appears to include parenting in private for Andrew Luck.