Kevin Colbert: Ryan Shazier trying to “resurrect his career”

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Ryan Shazier hasn’t given up on a return to the football field.

The Steelers linebacker hasn’t played since his spinal injury in 2017, but he has remained a part of the organization since. Shazier’s contract, though, is expiring.

General Manager Kevin Colbert was asked Thursday about Shazier’s status for 2020.

“When you’re dealing with Ryan, you’re not dealing with a timetable,” Colbert said, via Bob Labriola of the team website. “You’re dealing with a guy trying to resurrect his career.”

Owner Art Rooney II said last month the Steelers “would love to have Ryan back in some capacity.”

Shazier has spent the past two seasons on the team’s physically unable to perform list.

Shazier earned two Pro Bowl berths in his four seasons and made 85 or more tackles three times in his career. He has seven career forced fumbles and seven career interceptions.

He beat the odds to walk again. Now, Shazier hopes to beat even bigger odds with a comeback to the field.

9 responses to “Kevin Colbert: Ryan Shazier trying to “resurrect his career”

  1. If Shazier doesn’t realize that he’s the luckiest man in the world not to have been confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life he should have a mental evaluation. The next time he lowers his head to make a tackle could be his last day on earth.

  2. Even if he can’t really play linebacker again in a full capacity it would be awesome to see him out there doing something. Even if it’s long snapper, holder, almost anything. Would be great to not have his last play be the injury. But rooting for him to get back to full capacity and actually play LB again. And that’s from a Bungles fan.

  3. We know based on how difficult it is to walk for him now, that won’t ever play again. But i think ‘resurrecting’ his career could be moving into a coaching role and staying part of the heart and soul of that team.

  4. its great to have goals, but he’s going to need a Hubble quality x-ray showing his spine is 100% if he’s serious. I don’t think any team or league wants to be responsible for a guy getting paralyzed for a seemingly routine collision.

  5. His will and drive are admirable, and he can work towards it, but it will never happen. There is not a team in the NFL that will clear him for contact.

  6. As a person who has had 2 spinal fusions and doing a normal day life not working im still in pain and have lost a lot of my function. My hobbies of hunting and fishing. No more sports for me. I’m sorry but ur risking more spinal damage along with breaking hardware. Ur also gonna put stress on other body parts and end up breaking those. Players have a hard enough time playing now ur not in football shape. Ur really looking to break more of ur body. I was out of work 3 months and on light duty and broke a screw and disk. Ur only gonna ruin your body more

  7. Sorry we did not get to see his full playing potential.

    Even if he can run, he will never regain his pre-injury athleticism or strength.
    Add to the fact that no Dr. is going to put his career on the line by allowing him back on a football field to play a brutal contact sport. There are lottery odds, but this guy is not playing in the NFL ever again.

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