Myles Garrett reiterates racial slur claim against Mason Rudolph

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Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has reiterated his claim that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph directed a racial slur against him in the midst of what would become an on-field melee during a game in November.

In an interview with ESPN, Garrett said Rudolph had called him “a stupid N-word” after Garrett had dragged Rudolph to the ground on one of the last plays of the game.

“When he said it, it kind of sparked something, but I still tried to let it go and still walk away,” Garrett said. “But once he came back, it kind of reignited the situation. And not only have you escalated things past what they needed to be with such little time in the game left, now you’re trying to re-engage and start a fight again. It’s definitely not entirely his fault, it’s definitely both parties doing something that we shouldn’t have been doing.”

Garrett had tackled Rudolph to the ground well after Rudolph had gotten rid of the football on a swing pass with less than 20 seconds left to play in a two-score game. While both players were on the ground, Rudolph then grabbed Garrett by the helmet and appeared to try and pull his helmet off. Garrett then responded by grabbing Rudolph’s facemask and succeeding in ripping the helmet off the head of the Steelers quarterback. As the pair got to their feet, Rudolph then charged back at Garrett as lineman David DeCastro had tried to push Garrett away from the incident. Garrett then swung Rudolph’s detached helmet and hit Rudolph over the head with it before the fight spiraled even further from there.

Garrett did not initially make the accusation public after the game. He made the alleged exchange part of his suspension appeal to the NFL in the days after the incident. When that information became public, Garrett said he had intended for the point to remain private but that “I know what I heard.”

Rudolph flatly denied Garrett’s claims that he used a slur.

It’s totally untrue. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he would go that route after the fact,” he said in November.

The NFL said they had found no such evidence Rudolph had used a slur beyond Garrett’s claims. Garrett was suspended indefinitely in the wake of the incident and missed the final six games of the season. He was reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.

Additionally, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was suspended two games and Browns defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi was suspended one game. Rudolph was fined $50,000. The teams themselves were both fined $250,000 and 29 more players were fined $3,507 for entering the fighting area.”

47 responses to “Myles Garrett reiterates racial slur claim against Mason Rudolph

  1. Well hope Garrett learned his lesson. Rudolph by all means from what is been said about him, is a good young man. Hope both men can bury the hatchet and move on.

  2. Time to reinstate the suspension. He’ll never accept responsibilty and never learn to keep his mouth shut.

  3. If this was true, he would’ve made the allegation the same night he got ejected. Not some days later, like he just remembered it all of a sudden. Pathetic liar in my view.

  4. I don’t think Garrett is lying. However that doesn’t mean I think Rudolph actually said that. But i do accept that Garrett believes he heard him say it. Whether it was someone else or he said something different entirely who knows. But i don’t think either man is lying.

  5. The more he tries to blame others for his actions the more it is clear that he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

    There is no evidence that anyone used inappropriate language but there is plenty of evidence that Garrett viciously assaulted a fellow football player,

    He should concentrate on what is important, namely his inappropriate actions and what he is going to do to guarantee to everyone that they are not repeated but he obviously doesn’t get that.

    His actions show him to be the epitome of “a dirty player” and his attempts to blame others for his shortcomings show clearly that he has not progressed enough to be allowed to play with other human beings in any league whatsoever.

    Obviously there is no “quick fix” to his problems and his reinstatement was premature.

  6. If he had said it, Garrett would have mentioned it right afterward. Also, there were other players right there who would have heard it. Garrett is not telling the truth.

  7. When you are publicly making such a nasty claim about someone, you better be 110% accurate. Branding someone with that scarlet letter stays with them forever. I have no idea if Rudolph said what he said, but considering that no one else on that field heard what Garrett said he said, and the vehement defense of Rudolph by his teammates including Pouncey who would have no problem getting Rudolph destroyed if he used that term, leads me to believe that it either wasn’t said, or Garrett misheard what was said. Doubling down on the destruction of another man’s reputation immediately after getting reinstated is not exactly a good look. How about a simple, “I want to thank Commissioner Goodell of reinstating me. What happened was 100% out of character, and I apologize to my teammates, coaches, and fans. Sone things were said on the field that ratcheted up my anger, but that is no excuse for my behavior, and I am looking forward to helping the Browns in 2020.”

  8. Who else heard it? Even if it was a Steeler, it wouldn’t have gone over too well in the locker room. Does anyone think DeCastro, who was apparently close by, heard it and covered it up?
    I don’t buy it. Sounds more like Garrett justifying his bad behavior.

  9. It’s amazing how NFL Films can get audio of everything else that happens on the field, but we’ve yet to hear the audio that goes along with the video of the scuffle. That makes me wonder if there is some truth behind this….

  10. I don’t believe it. Garrett was fighting for his professional life at the time. Some people will say anything to protect their livelihood. Cry wolf too many times and people will stop caring altogether.

  11. Claims of racism can follow someone around for a very long time, and a highly injurious effect on someone’s reputation and even their future earning potential. If I’m Rudolph (assuming he didn’t say it), I have my lawyer send a letter to Garrett telling him to cease and desist from accusing him of saying it.

    It’s a very serious allegation. If I was Rudolph (again- assuming he didn’t say it) I would not put up with it.

  12. I have serious doubts about MG’s claim that Rudolph used a racial slur. However, even if it is true, why bring it up again? It still would not justify hitting someone with a helmet.
    You have served your suspension, Rudolph has to pay a hefty fine, what is to gain by repeating the accusation?

    MG lost his mind for a moment in time, and Rudolph was not exactly exhibiting much self-control either. Their actions had consequences. Time to move on. That is what adults do.

    “All you can control in life is how you respond to life.” Jerome Johnson

  13. No one would keep repeating something unless there was some truth to it. What do we have from Mason to believe him but not Garrett?

  14. coronalt says:
    February 14, 2020 at 7:16 am

    How about a simple, “I want to thank Commissioner Goodell for reinstating me. What happened was 100% out of character, and I apologize to my teammates, coaches, and fans. Some things were said on the field that ratcheted up my anger, but that is no excuse for my behavior, and I am looking forward to helping the Browns in 2020.”
    This, exactly…

  15. “He said called me a racial slur”…. does not justify attempted murder/assault with a deadly weapon.

    Myles Garrett should have been suspended for longer. He has clearly learned nothing from his suspension. If he had, he wouldn’t be trying to deflect blame again.

  16. “If he had said it, Garrett would have mentioned it right afterward. Also, there were other players right there who would have heard it.”

    I do think he probably would have mentioned it but its far from clear anyone else would have heard it. Those 2 guys were on the ground with 10s of thousands of fans screaming and its unlikely anyone standing near them would have heard what was said with the crowd noise going on

  17. I’m not saying he said it. I’m not saying he didn’t. However, it is absolutely laughable to imply that the National Football League would engage in a cover up for Mason Rudolph, a sub par backup quarterback, at the expense of a former number 1 overall pick and budding superstar. The league isn’t covering up anything. If there is no evidence, there is no evidence. Someone accused of saying something like this with no evidence deserves the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Regardless of what team they play for.

  18. Again folks, what ” evidence” do you think they are going to prove what was said in 1 second of the heated action? Really? Facts: Garrett has no prior history of abnormal on field behavior. In 3 years in the NFL he has been a model citizen and a pillar in his locker room. Something set off his actions. Rudolph didnt like getting his arse handed to him. He is not used to that. Maybe…..just maybe the benchwarmer didnt handle the situation very well. I for 1 believe what Garrett said was said. Can it be proven? No. Sometimes in life , 1 plus 1 equals 2.

  19. Didn’t Garrett meet with Goodell regarding NFL re-instatement only a week or two ago? Wasn’t that the time and place to put this issue to bed? This guys is not taking ownership of his actions. Apparently a six-game suspension was not enough. I’d say the suspension is back on until Garrett owns up to his assault.

  20. I don’t believe him.
    But even if true… doesn’t excuse what he did.
    You are responsible for your actions even in the face of name calling and racial slurs.

  21. Took him an awfully long time to remember such a central point to the story. A bit like getting a speeding ticket but not mentioning until your court date that your wife was in labor sitting next to you in the car at the time.

  22. He should count his blessings that he was reinstated after such a ridiculously short suspension. Just let it go let it go stupid.

  23. Rudolph should file a slander lawsuit against Garrett. If Rudolph had said that you can bet there would have been other people who heard it and Garrett would have mentioned it immediately after the game. It wasn’t until after he got suspended that he suddenly remembered hearing it. Give me a break. His story is hardly believable and nobody else on the field or any of the mics picked up anything like that. It’s hard to believe Garrett. It does give another example of the type of character Garrett has–none.

  24. Garretts punishment was justified. Learn from the mistake…. Move forward as a better person.

    What did the spoiled QB learn from the incident? Nothing……there was no consequences for his action(s). Remember gang, at the MINIMUM, he was yanking on and twisting garrets helmet himself. How is that NOT instigating the reaction?

    NFL under Goodell is an amatuer outfit.

  25. Matter of fact, the rules state that the Helmet yank and twisting by the “protected QB” is illegal, and punishable by immediate ejection from the game, with further review afterwards to determine “POTENTIAL FURTHER PUNISHMENT”.

    Again……all of this was just thrown away in this instance? Why? Because he’s an innocent QB that couldn’t possibly have said anything wrong?

    NFL butchered this one.

  26. A liar and a coward. Garrett should never have been reinstated, 6 games suspended does not fit the crime, Goodall can never say he really cares about player safety after this.

  27. Garrett will not change. He has already built a resume of pathetic and unprofessional play. He’ll do this again and again. The question remains: When will he kill another player?

  28. Garrett is lucky DeCastro kept his cool and merely
    took him to the ground and laid on him.
    Things could have been far worse.

    Six games is not enough for what Garrett did.
    He should apologize to Rudolph, then shut up
    and count his blessings.

  29. Garret is a bum. I hope someone takes out his knees next time he plays Pitt. He is a marked man, for life. Better strap on a rear view mirror, Myles.

  30. If that’s what Garrett heard, then why is it that the other 20 guys on the field at the same time didn’t hear it? Did Rudolph whisper it in Garrett’s ear or something? Perhaps Garrett believes he heard something, but that’s not what was said. Even it is WAS said, which I don’t believe it was, that STILL doesn’t justify trying to bash someone over the head with a plastic helmet. Garrett has an uphill battle here to restore his character for sure.

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