NFLPA updating all players on CBA talks

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After two straight Thursdays of meeting with the one-per-team union representatives, the NFL Players Association has broadened its focus.

The NFLPA, this Thursday and Friday, is conducting eight conference calls aimed at updating all players on the state of Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions with the league, according to

One call will be conducted for each of the eight divisions in the NFL, with call-in information given to all players in the league.

Per the report, the union views these calls as an opportunity to speak to all members of the union (if all members call in) regarding the current offer that the NFL has placed on the table, with a 10-year deal and 17 regular-season games by 2021.

The league remains hell bent on expanding the regular season by a game; thus, the players can either accept a deal now or let the next year and a half play out before accepting basically the same deal as a lockout imposed by ownership closes in on wiping out game checks. Along the way, the league and the NFLPA could blow a chance to parlay labor peace into new TV deals while the ratings remain high and the economy remains strong.

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  1. Any chance they want 17 games so that they can 16 games outside the USA and no one loses a home game? (Plus lots more revenue)

  2. No to 17 games, already! Any player that supports such an idea would be hypocritical to the movement to make the game safer. We already know the owners are hypocrites. Keep the 16, add another bye week and add 1 additional team to each conference playoff.

  3. I like the 16 schedule and hope it remains intact. Beyond that, it would be nice for once to see billionaires not get something they want.

  4. Take it to arbitration. The 17 game season is like a line in the sand. Let an arbitrator rule on every issue. Everytime it’s the league makig an offer and walks away (threatening lock out). Sounds like a bully to me. PA stand up!!!

  5. I agree with everyone that I want it to stay at 16, but I think Florio’s prediction is dead on this time.

    In 2011, the players struggled during the lockout because of their spending habits and couldn’t afford to hold out into the regular season without paychecks coming in. The Hall of Fame preseason game was the only game cancelled before the players gave in.

    So like Florio is saying, the players might as well take the deal now while the best TV deals can be made instead of holding out and getting locked out and the players cave again, then the TV money could be less a year from now and everyone (including the players) will have a smaller pie to take from.

  6. 16 games is plenty and No No No do not add anymore teams or anymore teams to the playoffs. Keep the divisions balanced. I remember a time when all the divisions did not have equal amounts of teams. It was unfair.

  7. All of you who keep saying 16 games is plenty. You are missing the point. The players want more money. Owners want more money. The Only way to squeeze out more money is to expand season. The league has expanded games in the past. It will workout fine. You will get used to something new. It will happen.

  8. I guess i don’t care. If the players are hell bent against this then save your money and get locked out. Two weeks into replacement players fans would be all over the owners. I’ll take the side of millionaire players over billionaire owners any time. A players career can be over in one play but an owner gets his money no matter what happens.

  9. Increasing the number of games REQUIRES enlarging the roster size to accomodate increased injury. Every time the league has previously increased the number of games, it has accordingly increased roster size. Adding one game requires a proportionate roster increase to 59 players.

    The NFL would do better to expand the playoffs, and drop the week before the Super Bowl.

  10. I think the best way for the NFL to get a 20 game season is just to reduce the length of the game. Drop the quarters down to 10 or 12 minutes. The league gets an extra month of football and the players don’t take on any additional risk. Besides, it could free up a couple of extra hours for fans on Sunday.

  11. Cautionary note to the NFLPA: When millionaires and billionaires disagree, at the end of the day, it’s the billionaires who get what they want.

  12. re: Any chance they want 17 games so that they can 16 games outside the USA and no one loses a home game? (Plus lots more revenue)….

    Yes, you nailed it. Except don’t expect all 16 games to be held “overseas”. Expect to also see the jilted former NFL cities, the big Canadian cities, Mexico City, and cities hoping to be part of future NFL expansion or franchise relocations all competing to host the one of the 17th “neutral site” games each season.

  13. I don’t understand the need to expand to 16 games> As it stands now, I think everything they are doing is just about perfect, the game has never been stronger. What I do know is absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. Should just have the season start in August to give the sports books more weeks of betting. This is what the 17 games is about, more sports betting.

    Have an all star break around Thanksgiving and give all teams a bye week.

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