Ryan Grigson working as consultant to Browns again

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New Browns General Manager Andrew Berry has brought in a familiar face for front office advice.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Browns have added former Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson in an “advisory and consulting role.”

The two worked together in Berry’s first stint with the Browns, as Grigson was under the title “senior personnel executive” in 2017.

Grigson also was with the Seahawks in 2018 as a consultant, as he tried to distance himself from the arson he committed in Indianapolis; as some bad free agency choices when he was G.M. there (2012-16) wasted the cheap contract years of quarterback Andrew Luck.

23 responses to “Ryan Grigson working as consultant to Browns again

  1. ‘Hey Ryan, Cleveland here. Say uh…we got a young talented quarterback over here and being that we’re Cleveland, we were just wondering if you had any insight on how we could completely ruin him so that he too retires in his prime’

  2. Two long time Colts Pat Mcafee and Reggie Wayne had some pretty damming stories on him. Some that make you question how he stayed working so long.

    Drafting Andrew Luck was is only success among years of failure. Glad he isn’t attached to the Seahawks moving forwrad.

  3. Hey, The NFL keeps telling us that only the best people are getting jobs in NFL front office and coaching staffs right? Hiring the guy who they fleeced in the Trent Richardson trade for the second time (after going 0-16 the first time he was there) truly shows that there isn’t an issue with front office hiring.

    In all seriousness though as long as he’s just a consultant and doesn’t have any real pull, no harm no foul I guess. It does show how bad the nepotism is in the NFL though since as far as I understand Grigson gave Berry his first job in the NFL in Indianapolis so he’s obviously returning the favor by creating a position for him thus giving him a pay check.

  4. “Hey Ryan, what would you do in this situation?”

    “I’d do this…”

    “Okay! We’ll do the exact opposite – thanks for your insight.”

  5. How does Grigson continue to get jobs in football? He’s clueless. What he did in Indy was criminal and to cover up for his incompetence he tried to throw Andrew Luck under the bus. The only thing he’s qualified for is…..well, nothing that I can think of. I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog.

  6. “Hey Ryan, what would you do in this situation?”

    “I’d do this…”

    “Okay! We’ll do the exact opposite – thanks for your insight.”


    This is the ONLY explanation that would make any logical sense.

    Browns keep browning.

  7. Baker Mayfield will suffer the same fate as Andrew Luck if this buffoon is advising the Browns on personnel. Only Matt Millen was a worse GM

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