Santa Clara seeks to strip 49ers of power to manage their stadium

Getty Images

Levi’s Stadium is owned by the city of Santa Clara, California, but it’s managed by the 49ers. The city says the stadium has been mismanaged, and is seeking to take management back.

Santa Clara City Attorney Brian Doyle said the 49ers kept more than $800,000 in revenues from a bowl game played at Levi’s Stadium, money that should have gone to the city, and as a result the city is seeking to terminate the 49ers as managers of the stadium.

“The management agreement provides for termination if there is misappropriation, willful misconduct, or misrepresentation or fraud,” Doyle said, via KTVU.

Doyle suggested that this isn’t just a question of accounting but of the 49ers purposely keeping money that belongs to the city.

“This is very serious. They’re taking our money and making the decision to give it to themselves,” said Doyle. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

A 49ers statement says Santa Clara was engaging in “an act of retaliation” because the 49ers have opposed a ballot measure supported by the mayor and city council majority.