Sean McVay says he’s “more rejuvenated and reinvigorated” than ever

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Sean McVay missed the playoffs for the first time in his three years as Rams head coach last season, but he’s not letting that get him down.

McVay says he’s feeling more optimistic than ever and excited about the offseason ahead.

“I’m excited and motivated and, really, I would say more rejuvenated and reinvigorated than I’ve ever been since I first got here,” McVay said, via the Los Angeles Times.

The always enthusiastic McVay is going to have to be ready to make big moves this offseason, as a lot is going against the Rams: They’re not in great salary cap shape, they’ve traded away their next two first-round draft picks, and they’re in a tough division. The Rams will need to be rejuvenated and reinvigorated to make the playoffs.

9 responses to “Sean McVay says he’s “more rejuvenated and reinvigorated” than ever

  1. You had your chance, it may never get it again. You lost to an old QB on his last leg and you only needed 14 points to win. Gifts like that, combined with the Saints fiasco, don’t come along very often…well, unless your the New England Patriots.

  2. Were they stellar last year? No, but they were one missed field goal in Seattle away from making the playoffs. They’ve now got an actual offensive coordinator and a new defensive coordinator to bring in some fresh perspective and ideas. They need to make the right off-season moves, such as restructuring the Gurley contract and making the right kind of contract with Ramsey and they’ll be just fine. I’m excited for this team’s future.

  3. Unless the 2018 offensive line is walking through that door along with 2017 Gurley this team will not compete. It wouldn’t hurt if McVay could transplant his brain into Goffs body either.

  4. They missed a Golden opportunity to close the deal in 2018. Now that they’ve paid Goff & have a bunch of other bloated contracts to deal with, it’s gonna be hard to climb Up that hill. The

  5. Replaced wisdom on staff with more buddies that don’t know anymore than he does. The defensive coordinator has to know how to call defense too,which is what made Phillips so good……

  6. It’s amazing how fast these NFL teams come and go, Atlanta,Minnesota,Rams,Saints they pop up and come close just to fall back. I can see the packers sliding back next year.

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