Steelers hope James Conner regains form after “unfortunate year”

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The prospects of Ben Roethlisberger‘s return from a season-ending shoulder injury was one of the chief topics of General Manager Kevin Colbert’s meeting with the media on Thursday, but it wasn’t the only one concerning hopes for better things for a key offensive player in 2020.

Running back James Conner dealt with shoulder and thigh injuries that kept him from playing in six games and caused him to miss time in a couple of others during the 2019 season. His production when healthy was down a bit from 2018 as well, but Colbert said the team still believes that Conner can get back to his previous form.

“James Conner had a disappointing season in James Conner’s viewpoint and ours, as well,” Colbert said, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Our point to James was, ‘You had an unfortunate year.’ The year before that he was one of the best in the league. He’s still a young player. We think there’s something there. We know there’s talent there. We hope James can regain it. And, if he’s healthy, there’s no reason he shouldn’t. We don’t want to say we don’t have a starting running back because we feel we do.”

Colbert said he also hopes for a healthier season for wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and tight end Vance McDonald as the Steelers try to find their way back to a winning record next season.

14 responses to “Steelers hope James Conner regains form after “unfortunate year”

  1. What does Ben have to do w/ this article? Connor is an avg back, at best. He needs to learn how to avoid contact. Otherwise he will always miss 3-6 gms a season, at least.

  2. The Steelers have lost to Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles in the playoffs and haven’t been to Superbowl in over ten years with Big Ben at QB and elite RB’s an Wr’s. The team has become a dumpster fire the past decade most recently choking away playoff berths down the stretch the past two years

  3. I was never a huge Tomlin fan but looking at how he managed to keep AB reeled in and almost make the playoffs this year with the offense that he had…..there might be more there than I’ve given him credit for.

    An injury plagued season in that offense isn’t a recipe for success for anyone. I hope he does well in his second chance next year.

  4. He lacks durability. It’s been proven. Steelers have looked bad on offense since the final game of 2018. A play maker at RB would be great if one can be had at pick #49.

  5. kevo95 says:
    February 13, 2020 at 4:38 pm
    Need a strong back pick up Henry

    If you need a RB that’s good for 1/2 a season then yea Henry’s your guy!
    In 2018 he didn’t show up until week 14 and this season it was week 10 and then he laid down in their most important game of the year against a below average defense – a D he ripped for over 8YPC their previous meeting, but in the Playoff game against the Chiefs he had 19car for 69yd for a 3.6YPC average when he averaged over 6YPC the 2 previous games!

    I’ve never been a fan of any player that waits until his contract year to show up because once they get paid its right back to average or worse until their next contract season!

  6. Regain form? When he had a full season, he still didn’t have 1000 yds and the team finished 30th in the league for rushing.

  7. Nice guy, native son, good in the community, all that and a glass chin. Please move on. and forward. once he hits the market you will see he in not as good as Steelers owners seem to think

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