Tim Tebow not done giving baseball a shot

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Tim Tebow hasn’t played in an NFL regular season game in 2012, so it seems safe to say his football days are done. But he’s still playing baseball, and not ready to hang up the spikes.

Mets spring training will open next week, and Tebow will be there, still attempting to prove he belongs in his second professional sport.

“I want to be remembered for being someone who goes after what he believes in,” Tebow told USA Today. “Someone who isn’t afraid to show what’s on their heart.”

When Tebow signed with the Mets in 2016, he hadn’t played baseball since his junior year in high school, 11 years earlier. Given that long layoff, he has accomplished a lot as a minor leaguer, advancing to Triple-A. He’s a better baseball player than most people expected him to be when he began pursuing it professionally.

But Tebow is 32 years old and had a batting average of just .163 last year, with four home runs and 98 strikeouts. It’s safe to say that Triple-A is as far as his baseball career is going to go.

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  1. I was rooting for him in the NFL and then was hoping he’d achieve his baseball dreams, but he’s 32 now and he just needs a reality check. IMO if he couldn’t make it as QB, he should have swallowed his pride and switched positions early on, and he would probably be a pretty good TE and a starter in the NFL today.

  2. I’m a Tebow fan and appreciate the guy as a person and player. I was rooting for you man, but the NFL is where you needed to be. Even if not as a QB, you should have done whatever you could to stay in the league. Pats should have convinced him to play TE/FB, Brady to Tebow would’ve been lethal lol.

  3. Don’t count the guy out. He’s been working with a top notch hitting guy (same guy Casey Smith who’s with Lamehieu, Chavis, etc) and he’s working hard. Ya never know.

  4. Tim Tebow should be given an ESPY Award for the “Athlete Who Made The Most Money With Very Little Talent”.

  5. Yeah he should seriously just do the XFL. At least be a starting QB somewhere, and I’m sure they’d pay him a lot more than he’s making at Triple A. Who knows, maybe some QB hungry team wants to bring you in to be a backup or a 1-2 year stopover or something, if he tears it up in the XFL or shows skills at other positions.

  6. When you’re 32 years old and batting .163 in triple A, where does the dream end & the delusion begin?
    Tebow desperately wants to be known as “someone who goes after what he believes in”. That’s fine. However, he’s not the only person in this country or in the world who’s gone after “what he believes in”. If his goal was to be in his 30’s, batting under .200 in AAA, then he’s successfully accomplished that goal. If his goal is to play major league baseball, he’s woefully short of achieving that. At least he can say that he’s played professional football & baseball.

  7. Ok. He’s 32 and had a .162 batting average. The thing about it is that I am certain that 98% of 32 year olds who had a .162 batting average the previous season would nonetheless still accept a spring training invitation.

    I’m not going to rip him.

  8. Don’t see it going past spring training this year. He gave it a good try. Came on briefly in AA which is more than most can say but because of his age they moved him too quickly up to AAA and he wasn’t ready. He sold tickets and brought money into minor league systems that are generally starved for it. I don’t care for Tebow but he gave this a real try and did better than I thought he would. Rising though the minors is no easy task, most 1st round draft picks don’t make it.

  9. Here in Syracuse , NY where Tebow has spent his Triple A career with the Syracuse Mets , he is viewed pretty much as a novelty to draw fans to the Mets brand . As stated , his batting average is not very good , nor has it gotten much better over the years . Likeable athlete but just hasn’t got what it takes to make it a career in the majors , be it MLB or NFL .

  10. At least Tebow actually practices what he preaches. The colon guy refuses to play at any level of football to prove he actually is interested in more than extortion and dishonesty. Both guys might be novelties, but you don’t have to go home and take a shower after watching him; with Colon, you have to take a shower after reading about how he’s a victim.

  11. I hope people understand that there are only 10-15 legitimate prospects in each teams minor league system. All the other players are fillers to develop those 10-15 players. That’s why there has been talk about reducing the number of minor league teams. So people complaining that he’s taking someone’s spot or the Mets don’t know what they’re doing is ridiculous. How many other minor leaguers who have no shot at becoming major leaguers draw a crowd like Tebow. Yes, it is a publicity stunt but who cares.

  12. “LOL, just go away. You had your shot at the bigs, but your ego got in the way.”
    Are you thinking Kaep? I’m pretty sure Tebow never turned down any opportunity. I think his play is what knocked him out of the pros.

  13. Tebow is only following his dream, because he has lots of money. Any other unsuccessful 32 year old minor league player is out of the game. I wonder, if he thinks about Taysom Hill’s success and his pride wouldn’t allow him to fill a similar role back when he was younger?

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