Arthur Blank: I love Devonta Freeman, but we have to build a roster

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There’s been chatter about the Falcons releasing running back Devonta Freeman this offseason in order to create more cap space and it’s not something that team owner Arthur Blank is ruling out.

Dropping Freeman would leave $6 million of dead money on the cap while freeing up $3.5 million for the team to work with this offseason. Blank said he has “no idea” if General Manager Thomas Dimitroff will go that route, but adds that his affection for Freeman won’t factor into the team’s ultimate decision about which path to follow.

“Well, I love him, too,” Blank said, via Vaughn McClure of “But this has nothing to do with love. It has to do with building a roster. The salary cap is not unlimited. It seems like it’s unlimited, but it’s not. And the investments we have made — which have been very, very substantial with a wide variety of players on both sides of the ball — have been significant. So personnel, and coach, and [team president] Rich McKay, they’ll be looking at everything and making sure we’re making investments in the right areas based on what the roster has to look like going forward.”

Freeman missed all but two games in 2018 due to a groin injury and posted a career-low yards per carry during the 2019 season, which has helped fuel thoughts that the Falcons run game is going to move in a different direction this year.

11 responses to “Arthur Blank: I love Devonta Freeman, but we have to build a roster

  1. I don’t think the salary cap deciders would ever believe 3 positions would consume most of it. QB, LT and Edge. With the QB taking up 2 large salaries.

    They should make it so the QB gets paid straight out of the owners pocket (or change SOMETHING) and the rest get the cap. Running backs should get a pension with less time, too.

    The guy that they try and put in bubble wrap gets paid the most and the guy who gets beat up the most gets spit out. Kind of like the real world, I guess…

  2. Too much $ for Julio, Ryan, Jake Matthews and Desmond Trufant mean not enough for a supporting cast.

  3. Hint: It’s not a RB league. By the way, did y’all see Tevin Coleman in the super bowl? Did y’all see Kyle Shanahan. It would appear that the Falcons are keeping the wrong guys, and letting the right guys go.

  4. You can count on Freeman…
    Not to bother picking up the blitz
    To disappear after getting his contract
    To be a diva with practice squad performance

  5. the QBs should definitely be a part of the cap. what’s dumb is the gms/teams/owners have left the contracts spiral out of control. no reason for every next contract to break the previous one. Brady only has all those super bowl trips bcuz he wasnt greedy and belichick understood the value of a great line. the best QBs are garbage without investing in a line to give them time to find receivers and open up holes for the running game. teams need to sell the concept and move on if the QB is too dumb to understand it or too greedy to care, or the owners need to cap the position and just end up paying every QB 35 or 40 mil.

  6. Ugh. Every time there is a story that makes mention of Arthur Blank I can’t help but think back to watching him go from happy dancer on the sideline to utter dejection during the Super Bowl. That emotional transformation is almost as bad as the face Richard Sherman made when the one year dynasty came in to being.

  7. Funny you love the player but cant sign him, you must love and keep Quinn, Demetroff and McKay cuz you can afford them

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