Browns DL coach Chris Kiffin: Myles Garrett’s just scratching surface of what he can be

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Myles Garrett has been in the news this week because the NFL reinstated him from last season’s suspension and he sat for an interview rehashing some of the details of his helmet swing into Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph‘s skull.

While that’s brought the past back into the spotlight, Garrett’s reinstatement also has people thinking about what the future will hold for the first overall pick of the 2017 draft. The Browns’ new defensive line coach Chris Kiffin is in that group and he thinks that Garrett can find new heights as a player this year.

“Myles is an athletic freak as everyone knows, but what excites me about him is he’s just getting started. He’s just scratching the surface of what he can be,” Kiffin said, via the team’s website. “In talking with him, he’s really eager to get back to work and he wants to chase greatness and I think when you have that mindset, it’s going to be really easy to coach. It’s going to be really fun to coach and it’s going to carry off on everybody else too in the room.”

Garrett had 10 sacks in 10 games last season, so the surface-scratching played out pretty well as long as Garrett didn’t keep himself from being on the field. The promise of bigger things to come carries a lot of appeal and realizing it would leave Kiffin in good shape for a successful debut season in Cleveland.

17 responses to “Browns DL coach Chris Kiffin: Myles Garrett’s just scratching surface of what he can be

  1. I listened to the interview, and I find Garrett a thoughtful and articulate young man. I believe he did hear something that lit his fuse and caused his angry response. With that said, I liked the fact that he didn’t use that as an excuse to justify his actions, which he acknowledged were unacceptable in any circumstance. I came away a fan of this man.

  2. He won’t be anything until he takes responsibility for his actions, until then he will still be a child. Man up and admit you were wrong. Stop trying to blame other people for your actions.

  3. Great on the field player but a loose cannon who cant control his anger or over the line dirty play. He’s now known as a dirty player and if he keeps hitting players late or up high like he commonly does he will now get suspended for his actions.

  4. I don’t care how articulate and soft spoken he is, Garrett is a dirty player with constant late hits.
    Lets see if the league keeps an eye on him.

    Mason Rudolph did not start it, he was being hit well after the play several times.
    The NFL should have reviewed the film and on that basis alone warned Garrett.
    It should never have gotten as far as it did.

    Where was Al Riveron?

  5. Totally agree. This last suspension just scratches the surface. He’s definitely capable of getting himself a lifetime ban.

  6. Dirty player and what seems to be a liar. Every team going forward will have specific game plans on who is going to antagonize Garret to get him to take a swing. Not-to-mention the refs will have a very short leash for him so he can expect a lot of late hit and unnecessary roughness pentathletes as they look the other way as the opposing teams are allowed to freely hold him, which basically means his career is over as an effective player.

  7. Apparently some of these people need to go see an eye doctor or get a new tv maybe cause if you watch that play Mason Rudolph was trying to rip Garrett helmet off as he was getting up & almost everybody is going to say something stupid in the heat of the moment unfortunately most of us white people use that n-word but that doesn’t justify what Garrett did both should’ve been suspended but hopefully they both can get over it & have successful careers

  8. Have been a Browns fan my whole life (and I grew up in NJ so you know how that went). No one was happier when they drafted Myles Garrett. His talent is off the charts but talent doesn’t mean anything if you can’t exercise it with dignity. We have all used bad judgment and made mistakes in life but only those who own up to them move forward. Lies and excuses create moral indifference, gone unchecked they create the sociopathic norm that we so often see today. In my opinion Myles took more backward steps in his attempt to justify his actions that via the actions themselves. – Kudos to Mike Tomlin for coming out and putting things back in perspective with his comments regarding the ESPN interview.

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