Report: Raiders stadium could open with Barcelona-Real Madrid

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The new NFL stadium in Las Vegas could open with one of the great rivalries in sports.

And that doesn’t have anything to do with the Raiders or anyone else in the AFC West.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, negotiations are underway to bring the International Champions Cup preseason soccer tournament to Allegiant Stadium, which could mean Spanish soccer titans Barcelona and Real Madrid could be the first game there.

The Raiders are slated to play a couple of preseason games in their new home as well, and UNLV has a game against Cal on Aug. 29.

While European soccer teams often treat preseason games with the same urgency their football counterparts do, the biggest stars will usually show up, and occasionally play a bit. So even if it’s not a true El Clasico, it’s a more fitting opening for a flashy new building than an NFL preseason game.

9 responses to “Report: Raiders stadium could open with Barcelona-Real Madrid

  1. No reason to explain Blank. Freeman wasnt been effective ever since Shanahan left. Dont blame you one bit.

  2. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES: El Clásico is just a rivalry game. It’s NOT even a championship.


    El Clásico viewership totals 75,000,000
    2020 super bowl viewership totaled 102,000,000

    A Las Vegas El Clásico would probably set a stadium attendance record
    that would never be broken.

  3. I’ve been an NFL fan since the days of the AFL. I would now much rather watch the Premiere League, or any International soccer than the NFL. Commercials, announcers, officiating, and the commissioner have all ruined the sport for me. Watch a soccer game in 2 hours, with ZERO commercials. Plus, the games start at 7:30 Am here on the east coast, so have your coffee, watch two games, and have the rest of your day to do your chores.

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