Texans release Vernon Hargreaves

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When the Texans claimed cornerback Vernon Hargreaves off of waivers in November, they also acquired the right to cut him before his $9.594 million salary for the 2020 season kicked in.

The Texans have taken advantage of that option. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team cut Hargreaves loose on Friday. Hargreaves’ cap hit was set to be the same as his salary, so the Texans will have all of that money to use this offseason.

The Buccaneers had exercised the fifth-year option on the 2016 first-round pick’s contract before cutting him, but it was guaranteed for injury only until the start of the new league year in March.

Hargreaves had 21 tackles and one tackle for loss in six games with the Texans. He started all nine games he played for the Bucs before being waived.

17 responses to “Texans release Vernon Hargreaves

  1. Another example of why the NFL draft is a crap-shoot and all of these draft experts are charlatans.

  2. The Bucs traded up to draft this guy at #9. They expected him to create some turnovers. He fell woefully short in that category. In addition, he was the only NFL player to give up 1,000 yards receiving in 2016, his rookie year. He was cut for not hustling on a play. He was a cheap backup for the Texans but there is no way he is worth that nearly $10M. I’m sure someone will sign him for depth but there’s not much of a market for a fourth-string CB who doesn’t play hard and can’t cover an NFL receiver. Maybe if he had hustled more he’d be getting that $10M contract. I hope he saved some of that $6.38M bonus he received. He may need it.

  3. Its been said about Univ of Texas players before….(when Texas used to be good).
    The players butts were kissed so much at Texas that alot of them did not have the right mindset to become successful in the pros.

    You should see the hero worship buttkissing that goes on in North Florida for the Gators. Off the charts. Alot of Gator players underperform in the pros as well.

  4. Jeffrey Smith says: “Another example of why the NFL draft is a crap-shoot and all of these draft experts are charlatans.”

    Hargreaves excelled in the college game and had the physical talent to be drafted in the first round. There’s just no proven way to project how a player will grow at the next level.

    Look at Tom Brady – he DERSERVED to be drafted in the 6th round. Nothing in his pedestrian college career screamed GOAT, yet took huge leaps in the NFL game. The draft experts weren’t wrong at that time.

  5. Phillip Buchanan was a first round CB drafted by the Texans. He was terrible. The last play I remember seeing him he was beaten so badly by the WR that he literally launched himself at the receiver and fell flat to the ground and concussed himself.

  6. I can remember Amari Cooper playing Hargreaves when Cooper was at Alabama and Hargreaves at Florida. He owned Hargreaves and it’s not that Amari isn’t good; but he REALLY owned Hargreaves, when draft people had all been talking about that matchup all week. That’s when I really suspected he wasn’t as good as everyone was saying. In this case, I hate I was right. Maybe he can bounce back somewhere, even if in the XFL.

  7. Brady was too competitive and clutch in college to have ever been a sixth round pick … his problem was lack of foot quickness, which is why he learned to get rid of the ball quicker, while he worked more on his drop and pass rush evasion.

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