Titans raising ticket prices for 2020

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Fresh off their appearance in the AFC Championship Game, the Titans are raising ticket prices for 2020.

The cost of lower bowl seats will increase 10 percent, a year after the team raised them 15 percent, according to Paul Kuharsky of paulkuharsky.com.

The loge, club and upper levels will average 2 percent price increases, according to Kuharsky.

The Titans, though, had several years of low or no price hikes until 2019, and ticket prices for Nissan Stadium ranked 25th in the NFL.

The regular-season home schedule features the Browns, Steelers, Bills, Bears, and Lions in addition to AFC South rivals Colts, Texans and Jaguars. The schedule will be revealed this spring.

The Titans’ games against the Steelers, Bears and Bills are considered premium games and will cost roughly $6 to $20 more than the other games.

Nissan Stadium seats 69,143.

15 responses to “Titans raising ticket prices for 2020

  1. People, particularly those with no brains, continue to pay outrageous sums to attend games. Until the fans finally go on strike, why not raise ticket prices? And, of course, beer, brats, hot dogs and everything else.

  2. Big Ben looks 300 lbs. No way the Steelers will be a premium game they will be lucky to be 7-9. They won eight last year because 2 were vs. the Bengals and they beat historically bad dolphins and cards.

  3. 2 seats $400, parking $100, concessions $150.

    That $650 feels real good in pocket while watching my 65″ TV.

    And no drive home after.

  4. Several years past we sold our season tickets. Contrary to reports of eager buyers we had a tough time selling and were forced to take a loss. No more tolls and parking charges and gas. Good-by to overpriced food and drink. The NFL experience is not worth the price.

  5. The NFL wonders why the Stadiums don’t sell out? This is why. Seats are priced out of reach for most fans. Gone are the days when you could take your kids, and I have five, to a game. After parking, beer, food, souvenirs, gas and incidentals it takes a year to save up for one game. And for what? So the drunken fools around you can swear up a storm in front of your kids? Then there’s the obligatory fool spilling beer down your back. No thanks. Then you have players on the field like OBJ telling opposing teams to, “come get me”? Screw that.

  6. The in stadium experience peaked in the 1980’s’/1990’s. The value proposition is all out of whack now. NFL must be thinking they can “churn the base” of season ticket holders over time….average tenure length dropping precipitously I suspect.

    I used to go to one or two a year, but with the flexing and other issues pointed out here, it simply feels like work. Who wants to work on a Sunday?

  7. Its not even the face value of the tix its that the teams sell many of them to 3rd party ticket agencies that mark them up outrageously. Even crappy seats up high in Gillette Stadium can cost 250 bucks each through the secondary market

    And wouldn’t surprise me at all if some or all the owners have silent partner investments in some of those agencies and are secretly making higher revenues off the tickets than disclosed.

  8. windham9 says:
    February 14, 2020 at 4:33 pm
    2 seats $400, parking $100, concessions $150.

    That $650 feels real good in pocket while watching my 65″ TV.

    And no drive home after.


    I used to be a Titans season ticket holder before I moved to Texas.

    My two seats cost $80
    Parked downtown for $20 and walked across the pedestrian bridge.
    $150 for concessions? Drinks are like $8 You can get a whole meal for like $25, you’re only there for 3 hours, the most we’ve ever spent on concessions was like $60.

    On average, a game in Nashville ran us roughly $160-$200. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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