Todd Haley hired as offensive coordinator at a Sarasota high school

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Todd Haley’s been out of the NFL since being fired as the Browns offensive coordinator in 2018, but he has landed another coaching job for the 2020 season.

Haley has agreed to become the offensive coordinator at Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida. Haley has a home in the area and watched film with the school’s head coach Josh Smithers after being introduced by a mutual friend. That led to Smithers reaching out to Haley when the school’s previous offensive coordinator left for another job.

“We talked about the high school game being different than the pro game,” Saunders said, via the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. “And he was all fired up, just to get out there and coach football again. He understands these are high school kids who go to school all day and you get them for a couple of hours versus people who do it for a job. He told me he’s excited just to teach quarterbacks how to read coverages and receivers how to run better routes. And I think that’s where he’s going to be able to excel. His ability to understand defensive coverages and have an answer for everything.”

Haley began his coaching career with the Jets in 1995 and has only worked in the NFL, so this will be a very different experience for the former Chiefs head coach.

36 responses to “Todd Haley hired as offensive coordinator at a Sarasota high school

  1. Whether you like the guy or not, it takes a whole lot of humble to take a coaching job at a high school after being in the NFL.

  2. Guess he feels that any job is better than no job. Lots of folks need to take a lesson from this.

  3. Great learning experience for the kids.He’ll show them how,when you can’t work well with others,you go from the NFL back to high school

  4. “Huh? What high school can afford the salary this guy will command?”

    Obviously he’s not “commanding” anything and just taking what they school has for pay to have fun and coach.

    He’s made quite a lot of millions in the NFL and seems like he’s sick of sitting around doing nothing.

  5. richardf954 says:
    February 14, 2020 at 1:16 pm
    Wow.. How far has they guy fallen , not even a college gig ?


    Perhaps. Or maybe he just didn’t want to deal with the BS and stress of coaching at the professional and collegiate levels but wanted to stay involved in coaching and mentoring. Doubt he needs the money at this point.

  6. I think this is more of a “I just enjoy coaching and not concerned with money” situation. Did you read he just happens to reside there? It’d be different if he lived In Florida and randomly took a HS job in Wyoming. I haven’t researched his personal life but perhaps he has kids in school there and just wants to be around the game.

  7. It will be interesting to see how he fares when he treats those kids like he did pro players. That’s why the mention of it in the article the first place. Haley will lose his cool and a parent will lose theirs. On Haley.

  8. I kind of consider this like a guy who retires from his day job and is kind of bored. This is a little hobby he just picked up. It’s not about money, and it isn’t about ego or scraping bottom. Sounds like he just wants to keep busy and doing what he loves. Nothing wrong with that.

  9. Haley is so beloved by the coaching community he can’t get a job in the NFL, XFL, CFL, FBS, or FCS. To be less liked than Lane Kiffin is really saying something. If this job doesn’t work out hopefully he can get an equipment manager job at a D6 junior high.

  10. don’t feel bad for this guy…. Riverview is a florida powerhouse program. He’s getting cream of the crop athletes.

  11. If he lives local then why not? Not enough veteran professionals do a later stint in a school, those kids are now gonna get coaching probably miles better than most other high schools.

  12. Umm… not everything is about money. I just moved to Sarasota and there is plenty of wealth here so he will fit in. Maybe he enjoys Coaching and doesn’t “command” a salary at all. I coached HS Football in North Carolina with Philip Rivers’ Dad and loved every minute of it while doing it for Free. I went on to Head Coach HS Football and Lacrosse in MD and NC for practically nothing. In fact, after paying Assistants; not much is left anyway. I donated my salary back to the Boosters so the kids can get better equipment or Jerseys to keep. I have a “Day Job” that has paid me very well and a few thousand bucks (this is not HS Texas Pay) would not outweigh the joy of giving back to youth and/or a community. I hope to Retire soon so I can get back to Coaching… maybe even face Haley in the area. This area also has the IMG Academy. Good for him and shame on most of your comments. Go Riverview Rams!

  13. Good for him. I wish that I had his knowledge, experience and ability to pass on to our youth !

  14. He may know football but sometimes he acts like a deranged nut on the sidelines. Not the way a head coach should carry himself.

  15. Dez, Jonhny football, Antonio Brown all listening? This man loves football so much he’ll do anything for the love of the game, not money or fame. Nothing but respect to Mr Haley!

  16. Todd Haley is a loser that players didn’t respect. He had some of the best offensive weapons in football and failed to put together an elite offense. His play calling is atrocious and his behavior isn’t much better. He took this job because it’s the only one he can get.

  17. Well he is still being paid by the Browns so I think he will do fine. unless he gets fired from the high school gig

  18. Really sad that some people here view working with kids as a position for “losers,” that he only took it because it was all he could get, that “any job is better than no job,” or as one step away from “equipment manager at a D6 junior high school.” I was a teacher for more than 30 years, a cross country and track coach for most of those years, and considered it a privilege to be trusted with teaching and coaching these children. I think Mr. Haley finally has his dream job, living in a wonderful city while coaching and teaching children. The naysayers on here should be so lucky.

    For those denigrating his coaching ability, he was the OC for a Cardinal team that was in the top 5 in most offensive categories in 2008, scored 30+ points in 3 straight playoff games, and was one play from winning the Super Bowl. And in KC, he took a team to the playoffs in 2010 that had won a total of 10 games in the 3 previous seasons.

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