XFL quarterback depth gets early test

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One of the main problems for minor league football operations has been finding competent quarterbacks, to create enough offense to keep things interesting.

The XFL was already struggling with that, and is already dipping into the depth in Week Two.

According to Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times, Vipers quarterback Aaron Murray is out this week with an ankle injury.

That means the Vipers will start Quinton Flowers, of course, this weekend against the Dragons in Seattle.

Vipers coach Marc Trestman said this week that Murray would remain the starter when well, heading off the league’s first  quarterback controversy.

Flowers has been to camp with the Bengals and Colts, and offers an interesting dual threat. In his junior year at South Florida, he threw for 2,812 yards and ran for 1,530 yards and 18 touchdowns.

19 responses to “XFL quarterback depth gets early test

  1. The football will get better as the season progresses. QBs and O-lineman NEED somewhere to develop and play. It’ll benefit the NFL in the long-term.

    Appreciate seeing some XFL content here fellas.

  2. The XFL is smart in that it appears they aren’t calling holding penalties. That really helped the QBs, by giving them more time in the pocket.

  3. cueghost says:
    February 14, 2020 at 11:42 am
    Matt McGloin WILL be the MVP of the XFL. Book it.

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    P.J Walker and/or Cardale Jones says hi.

  4. It became abundantly clear through less than a half that Murray was completely rattled and should’ve been benched. Flowers is just significantly more dynamic as a QB and should be the full time starter the rest of the season for them, his athleticism just opens up so much more of their playbook.

  5. cueghost says:
    February 14, 2020 at 11:42 am
    Matt McGloin WILL be the MVP of the XFL. Book it.
    Whenever somebody says ‘book it’…………don’t book it.

  6. Another one and done league. Once the novelty wears off and other sports like Nascar, March Madness and MLB start ramping up, people are NOT going to watch mediocre football..

  7. cardinealsfan20 says:
    February 14, 2020 at 11:47 am

    Quinton Flowers can flat out play. His only drawback is that he is 5’10”. Hopefully Trestman can develop a game plan that plays to Quinton’s strengths.

    As a USF alum, I love Flowers, but he doesn’t have an NFL arm. He has nice timing on deep throws and is decent on the short stuff, but midrange out patterns and crossing patterns between safeties and corners will never be something he can complete with any regularity.

    I bet he’ll be fun to watch as a QB in the XFL, but if has any aspirations to make it in the NFL, he’ll need to switch positions.

  8. Trestman certainly didn’t have any magical solution when he lost his starter, Ricky Ray, in Toronto. But you never know what you have at the number #2 position till you try.

  9. Will the XFL ever offer more in guaranteed money to draftees than what the NFL currently does to their draft class? If so, we may see some legit talent jump ship.

  10. naes says:
    February 14, 2020 at 11:43 am
    The XFL is smart in that it appears they aren’t calling holding penalties. That really helped the QBs, by giving them more time in the pocket.

    You mean like the KC Chiefs playoff run? And the SB? Did they ever call #72 for KC for those on field grasps n holds? Hmm I didn’t think. NFL was smart to do that to make a new superstar, by giving him more time in the pocket.

  11. Seems there are 3 routes to take:

    Be a minor league for the NFL, live symbiotically

    Be a competitor to the NFL

    Be different enough that it is basically a different sport, with a distinct fan base (like NRL vs Rugby Union in AUS)

    It seems like they are thus far straddling the line between 2 and 3. Will be interesting to see if they start making efforts to poach talent

  12. First, I don’t think you can have a QB controversy at the XFL level, these are all developmental players – so whoever performs plays, period. It isn’t like you have fat contracts for one player over another like what played out in Jacksonville.

    Second, I watched one of the XFL games and really liked how the broadcast went. I especially liked the way they showed behind the curtain in how the league was handling potential replay and call reversals . . . I think hearing the explanation actually helps prevent any future forward disputed calls.

    Finally I did not like the live coaching conversations, these guys are suppose to be focused on the game . . . talk to them between quarters or at half time entering or exiting the tunnel, but my god things are actually transpiring on the field why the booth is bothering these guys. The league went out and hired head coaches that have some football chops, this league is development for them too . . . so just let them coach.

  13. Gotta have good QB play to hold the audience, but you can’t expect perfection immediately. Practice makes perfect, and the players hardly even know each other’s names. It will get better. I’m sure the coaches are keeping it simple, and will be adding stuff as they go. I’d expect the defenses to be way ahead of the offenses for the first month or two.

  14. @studlysmartguy – I was at the Miami Beach Bowl game between South Florida and WKU. Flowers was great in that game for former Hilltoppers coach Willie Taggart. I defer to your opinion regarding Quinton’s arm strength. All I know is that he appears to have excellent talent and a feel for the game.

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