Washington faces decisions with Jordan Reed, Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Peterson

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By hiring Ron Rivera on Dec. 31, Washington got a head start on its evaluation of the roster. That led to Friday’s roster moves, with the team cutting receiver Paul Richardson, cornerback Josh Norman, defensive lineman Chris Odom and safety Kenny Ladler.

It freed up some $16 million in cap space.

“The biggest thing that we did in terms of evaluation was we literally came together on Feb. 10 as a coaching staff and as a pro scouting department and personnel department, and we evaluated our entire roster,” Rivera said this weekend, via Ben Standig of TheAthletic.com. “Based off of that, we started making the moves.”

More decisions remain, with more transactions expected.

Washington is expected to move on from tight end Jordan Reed, who missed all of 2019 with a seventh known concussion. Reed’s release would create $8.5 million in cap space.

Pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan has an $11.5 million cap hit, with Washington expected to use the No. 2 overall choice on Chase Young. The team also must decide whether to exercise the final year of running back Adrian Peterson‘s deal.

“We’re evaluating all of our options,” Rivera said. “We have a good young group of guys, and we’re just looking at things and deciding whether or not we want to go that way, continue to get younger — or, do we have to sit there and sprinkle in some veteran guys?”

16 responses to “Washington faces decisions with Jordan Reed, Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Peterson

  1. Kerrigan must take a 50% cut to stay. Gotta keep AP one mo year until youngin is fully healthy. Reed gots ta go.

  2. Kerrigan was the only decent thing we had coming off the edge unless braintrust believe Sweat is ready and I didn’t see that. Reed needs to retire at best

  3. Cut Reed. Keep kerrigan for final year unless you can get a pick for him. Keep ap another year. Duh. If this new regime can’t figure that out it’s going to be a long year.

  4. Need to give Kerrigan a new deal more cap friendly keep ap to show these young guys how to be a pro

  5. Skins are setting themselves up nicely with cap room. Reed is a no-brainer cut. They should try to work out something with Kerrigan. Even if they kept Kerrigan at his same price they are WELL below the cap. I think 2021 is where they become really good. Of course, if Smith is healthy and they play him over Haskins, the Skins might be a threat this year.

  6. Somebody remind Riverboat Ron he’s employed by Snyder and all these responsible cap saving moves will not be tolerated and must stop immediately!

    NFC East

  7. I would love to have Kerrigan in philly. I dont see them trading for that 11.5 mil salary though unless they can work out a deal before a trade. Itd be wise for the skins to keep Kerrigan for one more year to show those youngsters how to be a pro.

  8. Reed should never be allowed to take another snap of football for his own good, with his history of numerous concussions it would be the epitome of irresponsibility to let him play again.

  9. I imagine they’re waiting for Reed to decide if he’s hoping to retire or not. If so that’s a classy move…
    I would hang on to Kerrigan so you have options draft day. Meanwhile see if he’s willing to take a cut..
    There’s no reason to let AP go, both for on the field and off the field reasons.

  10. Peterson is staying. He’s their only reliable rusher, and the cap hit is low. He was also invited to sit in the front row at Rivera’s introductory press conference, where he got a shout out from the coach. You don’t do that for a guy you’re letting go.

    Reed is an elite receiving TE when healthy but the combination of injuries and cap numbers make cutting him — tactfully — the only option. They just need him to get healthy before they can officially do anything.

    Kerrigan is somewhere in the middle. The cap number isn’t bad for his first eight years of production, but if 2019 is his new production level than the cap number is too high. It would be nice to see them work out a new deal, especially since Kerrigan is one sack shy of the team record.

  11. Reed and Kerrigan need to go. Reed can’t stay healthy and Kerrigan is on the backend of his career. He did his time and performed admirably. Definitely in discussion for HOF in 2075.

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