John Dorsey: Myles Garrett made accusation against Mason Rudolph postgame

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Former Browns General Manager John Dorsey confirmed Myles Garrett‘s account of what happened immediately after the defensive end’s ejection Nov. 14 against the Steelers.

Garrett said he told Dorsey, coaches and defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi that Mason Rudolph‘s use of a racial slur is what set him off. The Steelers quarterback repeatedly has denied the allegation, most recently in a Saturday statement.

Dorsey confirmed to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal on Monday that Garrett had informed the team of his racial slur accusation postgame.

“Correct,” Dorsey told Ulrich. “It’s the truth.”

That follows what Dorsey said in a prepared statement Nov. 21 in which he said Garrett “was open and honest with us about the incident from the start.”

Garrett served a six-game suspension for ripping off Rudolph’s helmet and bashing the quarterback over the head with it. The NFL reinstated Garrett last week, and a day later, Garrett conducted an interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes in which he doubled down on his accusation against Rudolph.

Garrett told reporters after the game that “they’ve just got to go look for it; I’m not going to comment on it” when asked if Rudolph said something to him. The accusation became public Nov. 20 after Garrett made it in his appeal hearing with the NFL.

The NFL’s investigation into Garrett’s allegation revealed no evidence supporting the claim.

Rudolph’s attorney has threatened to sue Garrett for defamation of character.

And Steelers coach Mike Tomlin appeared on ESPN on Monday to defend his backup quarterback again.

38 responses to “John Dorsey: Myles Garrett made accusation against Mason Rudolph postgame

  1. This whole event is becoming verrrry old… Solution.. Dissolve the Cleveland franschise. Award all their players to the rest of the NFL 31 based on 2019 records…. Rid the history books of anything “Cleveland Browns— the 2nd coming”…. — Enough, already!!

  2. I’m still not buying it. If Rudolph said that he would have said something then and wouldn’t walked calmly to the locker room. He only decided that was a good idea after he realized he could be suspended.

  3. We are supposed to believe that Rudolph said this and that is what threw Garrett into such a rage, but then he calmed down and mostly kept that to himself? Doesn’t fit the behavior. He would have been raving about it to anybody who would listen.

    He started it with a dirty late hit then he was trying to gore Rudolph into the ground. That is when Rudolph started kicking and grabbing and trying to get him off of him. Then Garrett went next level and ripped off the helmet and knowingly swung it at Rudolph’s unprotected head.

    Garrett got off light. Only 6 games for what many players like Steve Smith and Michael Irvin both called the worst thing they ever saw on a field is nonsense.

    If the Browns has made the playoffs and he was suspended for that and they lost, then I could see the punishment ending there, but the browns choked as usual so losing Garrett a few games didn’t cost them much. Now he’ll be available for next year. It’s not enough.

  4. And for some very good reasons, which they are unable to disclose, they did not come forward to defend their teammate during the publicly announced NFL investigation.

  5. Are we supposed to believe Dorsey? It’s not like he stocked the Browns with the best of citizens.

    More fake news.

  6. So let me get this straight apparently Rudolph called Garrett a racial slur while being tackled yet not one person on the field heard anything and Garrett apologized to Rudolph after the game? Dorsey for months says nothing but now all of a sudden says Garrett told him after the game? Really? Even Hollywood can’t make this crap up.

  7. No chance Garrett’s claim is true. Here’s his statement the next morning, does this sound like a guy who was just racially slurred?:

    “Last night, I made a terrible mistake,” Garrett’s statement reads. “I lost my cool and what I did was selfish and unacceptable. I know that we are all responsible for our actions and I can only prove my true character through my actions moving forward. I want to apologize to Mason Rudolph, my teammates, our entire organization, our fans and to the NFL. I know I have to be accountable for what happened, learn from my mistake and I fully intend to do so.”

  8. I don’t see how Rudolph can sue . What if MG really thinks Rudolph said that?
    Maybe they were curing each other and MG heard what he wanted to hear.
    I don’t see how you can sue MG for that.

    Now having said that – with all the players right there, I think someone would have heard it if Rudolph said it, so I don’t believe MG.

  9. Garrett should be ashamed of himself. Trying to deflect from his own screwup by permanently staining Rudolph’s reputation. Also, this kind of crap makes people skeptical when real claims of racial discrimination are made. It all just becomes viewed as a cheap excuse even when it’s legitimate and for people who are in much worse position than a rich and famous football player.

  10. I do not beleive Dorsey. If Garret told that many people after the game, then it would of came out in the media. Somebody would of leaked it. The first time anyone heard of it was garrets hearing. If this is to ever end, then both Garret and Rudolph should take a lie-detector test. One of them is lying, and at this point I beleive Rudolph is telling the truth.

  11. I believe Garrett. It is well documented that he told Dorsey and several other players immediately, yet all the comments on this thread erroneously allude to him Not saying anything until later. The hit was legal, the takedown was legal, Rudolph was butt-hurt because they got shellacked and tried to rip Garrett’s helmet off first. Then, when Garrett was backing away from Rudolph and being held by two fat Steeler linemen, Rudolph continued to pursue after Garrett. Mason is a racist who got what was coming to him.

  12. Everybody is quick to assume that, just because no one heard anything, Garrett is lying. But it’s all speculation. So let’s speculate the other way. Maybe this nice young lad, from South Carolina, his team getting beat by their rivals, the lowly, stinking, crappy Browns, DID mutter something in heat of the moment. After all, it was a bit of cheap tackle, and Garrett did sort of hold him down, so maybe he unconsciously let something slip. He’s not going to admit it. And no one else was really near him when he said it. And Garrett doesn’t say anything during the “activities”. So maybe he’ll get away with it. After Garrett says something, right after the game, no one can back him up, so he decides it’s safe to claim he didn’t say anything. After all, this is a career ender; it’s not something you’re going to be able to explain away. And since no one is piping up saying they heard anything, he’s clear. So he just denies it and hopes it goes away. But it doesn’t. So now HE has to double down on his denials. He can’t say, “Well, maybe I said something that sounded like it.” or anything like that. Now he HAS to deny, deny, deny. His righteous indignation knows no end. He’ll SUE! (Which would be stupid, by the way.) ANd how often have we heard guilty guys do just that, deny they did anything simply because they don’t think anyone will ever find out the truth. And he can do all this for the same reason that everyone assumes Garrett is lying, because there’s no proof, and not likely to be any.
    Of course this, just like all the assumptions that Garrett is lying, is just speculation.

  13. So one guy wants to sue another for something their is no evidence of! These ‘his word against mine’ cases get thrown out of court. Also, the guy that initiates the law suit will most likely get sued for legal fees and expenses simply for forcing the issue. It all sounds like a bunch of hot air…!!!

  14. I hope Rudolph does sue Garrett. He won’t get a penny and the NFL front office might change their tune under oath.

  15. ravensoneanddone says:
    February 17, 2020 at 6:28 pm
    Are we supposed to believe Dorsey? It’s not like he stocked the Browns with the best of citizens.

    More fake news.

    He stocked us with talent. It’s a business. That said, he’s full of it

  16. The owner of the browns recruited some scape goats to protect his investment. And we all know Haslam has always been on the up and up.

  17. So, people really believe that Garrett told people immediately after the game about the racial slur, but immediately after the incident, he never once tried to plead his case to the refs or anyone else on the field as he’s about to be ejected. Then, he tells people after the game, but the next day takes 100% of the blame, he apologizes to the guy who called him a racial slur. The people he tells after the game never say anything to anyone else in his defense, nor do they seem to say anything to the Steelers organization about this horrible racist player they have, or the NFL who is investigating and looks into the accusation after Garrett tries to use it in his appeal. Mmk Suuuure, that’s what happened. It’s very obvious Garrett is lying and the Browns are gonna just go with it.

  18. Even if it is PROVEN that Garrett is lying to protect himself (through previously unknown audio or something), why would it be unacceptable by him, yet some Americans find it totally acceptable by the “president”?

  19. Why would Garrett make this up? Obviously something set him off to lose his mind and hit Rudolph with the helmet – which still makes me laugh every time I hear it – dude got hit with his own helmet. Anyway, the NFL doesn’t want to deal with racism in its game, so of course they’re going to cover it up. The fact is, Garrett made a legal, clean tackle, and Rudolph tried to take his helmet off. So Garrett retaliated, then Rudolph fanned the flames and made it worse – his o-iinemen had Garrett held up away from everything and settled down, and Rudolph came after Garrett and inflamed the situation. And somehow Rudolph only got fined. Of course, suspending him would have helped the Steelers, so really the NFL punished Pittsburgh by not suspending him. Guy will be out of the league in two years anyway.

  20. “Why would Garrett make this up?”

    Huh? Why do you think? To justify his behavior. The same reason most people lie.

  21. I am able to see Garrett calming down afterwards and saying what he did to the press in the locker room and choosing not to mention the slur, but its hard to believe that in the moments on the field after hitting him with the helmet that he didn’t mention that he was called the slur. Its hard to defend that he was enraged enough to hit him with a helmet but composed enough not to make it racial. Also after Garrett said he was called the slur to the NFL, didn’t a number of Browns players say they heard no such thing and it was news to them? Im pretty sure a Browns beat writer was the one asking the locker room. Garrett is a future star if not one already and Rudolph is nothing more than a 2nd/3rd string QB. Who has more to lose? Since there is no audio, both will continue to stick with their story.

  22. The incident is over, punishment served, there is no reason to lie. Look at Rudolph, you can definitely tell he’s the type. Look at how he acted that night, he’s obviously got a temper going after someone that can wreck him physically. I’m sure he’s capable of muttering insults too.

  23. So, the lies started in the locker room. Got it. Had it actually happened he would have been making it known on the field to teammates, referees, opponents, coaches or anybody else present. Garrett is simply using an excuse many people have strong feelings about to make his actions somehow seem justified. Dorsey is just proving he can be duped.

  24. Yea right he said so to a GM so it is true. Come on would he have told the GM it did not happen.. He is trying to save what ever his reputation will be over trying to truly hurt a player with a weapon and does not care if he tarnished another players reputation. Garrett is luck it was against what a third string QB and not top tear QB’s

  25. So tired of hearing this story. That’s all I keep seeing. Rudolph said a racial slur. Was honestly on garrets side when it first happened until he used this as an excuse. Since then that’s all I keep hearing. It’s such a big deal right. Well it’s not a big deal when Antonio Brown called Mayock a cracker. How comes that’s not blown out of proportion. How come the media didn’t blast that story for weeks on in. Wake up people.

  26. Only people who know what was said were Rudolph and Garrett as literally they were the only ones in the initial skirmish yet it doesn’t stop people from picking sides.

    That’s the definition of the corrupt court of public opinion. Until either one comes out with any proof that what they’re saying is true taking sides is just ridiculous. If Mason wants to clear his name so bad he should sue and let a third party outside the NFL (who has a history of covering things up to protect there image) look at it. He won’t because he may or may not have said a racial slur but what we do know is his response to getting tackled was not a “good hit” and whatever was said was probably not very PG as he was very hostile.

    Main thing to remember. Garrett stated these accusations in private during a closed door meeting and someone in the NFL leaked it so even if Mason does sue it probably wouldn’t go anywhere since there was no intention of defaming him. Garrett is not running around the media calling Rudolph a racist, a third party is going to the media telling everyone what Garrett said behind closed doors. Rudolph in turn is going to the media calling Garrett a liar.

  27. So he lied about it right after the game. Does that change anything? Hope Rudolph Sue’s him in to bankruptcy.

  28. tylawzpick6 says:
    February 17, 2020 at 10:17 pm
    Even if it is PROVEN that Garrett is lying to protect himself (through previously unknown audio or something), why would it be unacceptable by him, yet some Americans find it totally acceptable by the “president”?
    Ty must mean Bill Clinton! He was impeached for lying!

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