Report: Panthers think Cam Newton will likely pass physical in March

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Panthers owner David Tepper reiterated recently that there’s little to discuss about quarterback Cam Newton‘s future with the team until he’s healthy, but didn’t offer a timeline for when such information about his recovery from a Lisfranc injury would be available.

A report from Jourdan Rodrigue of on Monday offers some idea of when things might be moving forward. Rodrigue reports that the Panthers believe Newton is likely to pass a physical and be cleared for some football activity in March.

Rodrigue adds that the team would still limit Newton’s offseason work, although getting cleared doesn’t mean that he’ll be sticking with the Panthers. Good medical news would be welcomed by any team that might be interested in trading for Newton and finding out around the start of the new league year would be good timing to put a deal together.

All of those dominos will have to wait until the first one falls with word of Newton’s improved health heading into the 2020 season.

21 responses to “Report: Panthers think Cam Newton will likely pass physical in March

  1. Cam will be the starting QB for the Panthers. They are in position to draft the best DT or CB in the draft and can probably get a top TE in the 2nd. They could be contending for their division next year.

  2. The panthers would be foolish to trade Cam Newton. When healthy, Cam covered up a lot of worts on the offensive side of the football. Combine that with his salary and he is one of the better QB bargains in the league.

  3. If it ends up that they fire Rivera and keep Cam…..I would think that would be very disappointing to their fans.

  4. He’s fit as a fiddle & ready for trade, move him before he re-injures his shoulder dabbing.

  5. let’s keep in mind that Cam is best known for running the football and loving to initiate contact because of his size.

    That is part of what makes him a star and what will land him on IR by week 3 if he continues to play that way.

  6. ‘Report: Panthers think Cam Newton will likely pass physical in March’-
    when they trade him to another team

  7. “Panthers think Cam Newton will likely pass physical in March”

    The problem with this guy has always been between his ears, not physical.

  8. Like the name says Cam stinks he’s all done. Thank you Ron Rivera for not protecting your best asset and the face of the franchise. He never fully developed Cam while he was in his prime, and now he’s banged up and past his prime

  9. Healthy Cam is a top 15 Franchise QB. You DON”T TRADE one of those! Haters gonna hate, But a healthy Cam and a top 10 pick and CMC and DJ Moore can hopefully make up for losing Luke. Panthers were without their pro bowl DT for most of the season as well.

  10. Let’s also remember that Rivera let him play with a bum shoulder in 2018 until it got to the point where he couldn’t throw the ball 10 yards down field. He is lucky that Cam wasn’t forced to miss a year like Andrew Luck.

    At the start of 2019 Rivera elected to allow Cam to try to play through a Lisfranc injury. Only after losing 2 games to inferior teams was the injury revealed to give them cover and Cam put on IR.

    This is the guy the Redskins want in charge of their franchise QB. Who cares about his health as long as he can win some games?

    To think he is the one trying to talk Trent Williams to come back to the Redskins.

  11. the panthers are in the depths of ‘roster rot’ and moving fast to get out. so many players who were once elite, like kuechly, olsen, and yes even cam, have been playing poorly for a few seasons. breaking up with them and finding new talent is what it takes to return to relevance. I think Cam if hes very careful with his health and surrounded by an elite team might have one exciting trip to the playoffs in him, good luck to him.

  12. Cam could end up on a bottom feeder or mediocre team next year, but any good team with a shot of making it to the SB would want a QB who jumps towards his fumble rather than away.

  13. Translation: Okay folks we desperately would like to trade him for something, *anything*. We know he’s taken an absolute beating over the last few years due to offense, offensive line, and comparative lack of roughing-the-passer calls that should have been called, but by March we thing he’ll at least be able to raise his arm above his head without too much pain-killer and therefore if you’re interested in trading for him, we’re taking offers.

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