Richard Sherman: Darius Slay one of the best in the game

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The Lions have a cornerback they don’t appear interested in paying, and may trade.

And if another team gets Darius Slay, they’ll be getting one of the best in the league, according to Richard Sherman.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the 49ers veteran cornerback said that Slay doesn’t get the respect he deserves because he’s on a perpetually struggling team.

Slay doesn’t get enough credit and that’s, once again, the market he’s in and sometimes the team doesn’t have a lot of success,” Sherman said. “But he’s one of the quickest, most athletic cornerbacks in our game. Outstanding ball skills. I think over the last five or six years, he has the most pass breakups and interceptions.

“He’s a ball hawk, man. He’s a ball-hawking guy and I have the utmost respect for his game and I enjoy watching him play.”

Sherman said he watches tape of other cornerbacks ever year, and put Slay among the short list of top cover men in the league, along with Stephon Gilmore, Tre’Davious White, Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye, Chris Harris and Xavien Howard.

The two have exchanged jerseys in the past (including after a playoff game), and Sherman has invited Slay to his cornerback summit he hosted at Stanford in 2018.

The Lions are currently struggling with whether (and how) to pay Slay, as he’s entering the final year of his deal and is underpaid at $10 million. He just turned 29, so should have several prime years ahead of him, but they’ve not been able to get a deal done. Last year, when talks soured, he skipped offseason workouts and mandatory minicamp, but still made his third straight Pro Bowl.

They’ve spoken to other teams about a deal (including Denver in the past), and may be ready to move him.

It’s hard to tell how that makes them better — thus making it harder for any other good Lions player to get the credit he deserves either.

12 responses to “Richard Sherman: Darius Slay one of the best in the game

  1. Winning football games is done in the trenches. Don’t spend huge cap dollars on receivers and corners. Especially ones that turn 30 next year.

  2. redlikethepig says:
    February 18, 2020 at 6:16 am
    Is there any topic that this guy doesn’t comment on?


    Yeah….getting burnt in the SB and basically losing the game for his team

  3. Well, there’s further confirmation that Slay is overrated. Go away Richard, you’re a has been and Slay had one decent season, not great, but decent season. The guy has been shredded by QBs like Trubisky and Cousins for the past two years.

    Slay isn’t even above average, stop trying to get him paid by making ridiculous overestimation claims.

  4. It took Patricia two full seasons to start his rebuild? Wow the Lions are in for another long 3-5 years. They are pretty used to it after six decades of rebuilding though. Until they hit draft success for consecutive years, the Lions will continue to be the Lions, they need a QB first and foremost because Stafford is fragile and getting old.

  5. Trade him on draft day with a second to get back into the first round. Draft Tua at three and let him sit behind Stafford. When they suck again this year… They’ll be in prime position again next year… Hit on some promising rookies this year and next… Then it’s off to the races with Tua in year 2. However… If they don’t go Tua this draft… I’d say PJ Walker of the XFL has a bit of mahomes in him… So the lions would probably pass🙄

  6. bobthebillsfan says:
    February 18, 2020 at 1:52 pm
    I’ll never forget the look on Richard Sherman’s face when the one year dynasty came into being.

    I’ll never forget the Bills losing 4 Superbowl’s in a row.
    That’s the kind of Dynasty no one will ever match. LMAO

  7. I’ll never forget the Bills losing 4 Superbowl’s in a row.
    That’s the kind of Dynasty no one will ever match. LMAO


    At least they can make the Superbowl, the Lions can’t even win a playoff game in 63 years. (excluding the ’91 fluke with B. Sanders)

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