Solomon Wilcots echoes Carson Palmer’s concerns about the Bengals

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The questions regarding whether quarterback Joe Burrow truly wants to play for the Bengals got started during Super Bowl week, when: (1) former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said the team isn’t committed to winning; (2) Burrow hired Carson Palmer’s brother, Jordan, to help prepare Burrow for the draft; and (3) Burrow revised his position from “I’ll play for whoever wants to pay me to play” to “I want to play for a team that is committed to winning.”

Over the past three weeks, despite plenty of speculation that he hopes the Bengals don’t draft him, neither Burrow nor anyone close to him has declared that he wants to be drafted by the Bengals and/or that he will indeed play for the Bengals if they make him the first pick in the draft.

Meanwhile, the criticism of the Bengals continues, with another former Bengal joining the chorus. Earlier this month, Solomon Wilcots supported the claims made by Carson Palmer.

Absolutely. Absolutely,” Wilcots said regarding whether Burrow should be warned about the situation in Cincinnati. “I was 100 percent behind Carson Palmer. And I watched as it sucked the life out of him. I watched fans in Cincinnati dump garbage on his home, on his lawn. I watched how others abdicated and tried to force the leadership onto him when he wasn’t given support to corral some of the … individuals that surrounded him. . . . Carson Palmer was a guy who was strong-willed, talented and needed more around him. He needed more support around him. . . . He walked away from the game because the love for the game had left him. And that’s a shame. And organizations need to be wary of that — that one man, in a bad environment, cannot turn it around by himself. I can just flat out tell you that.”

The environment has changed in many ways since Wilcots and Palmer played for the Bengals. Still, Mike Brown continues to own the franchise, and the franchise was bad enough in 2019 to earn the top pick in the draft, for the first time since using the top pick in the draft on Palmer in 2003.

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  1. Environment absolutely matters in life. Look at Brady….Totally disrespecting what BB has surrounded him with throughout his career.

    Last year’s whining and pouting when they had to cut Brown, after Brady ignored working with the less talented players, was beyond disappointing.

  2. IIRC, Palmer still played football after he forced his way off the Bengals.

    What was his excuse for quitting on the Raiders as well? Seems like maybe he was part of the reason that his teams weren’t winning….

  3. Y’all just won’t let it die. Cracks me up. Palmer was a mediocre talent who had weapons all around him in Cincy at the skill position with a good offensive line and managed to only make the playoffs twice. Ask him about that complete egg he laid in 2009 in a home playoff loss to Mark Sanchez. The Bengals have done nothing but surround their last two QB’s with weapons. Chad Johnson, TJ Housh, Rudi Johnson, Cedric Benson, Jermaine Gresham, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Eifert, Joe Mixon, Marvin Jones, Mohammed Sanu. This narrative that the Bengals have surrounded their QB’s with no talent is laughable.

  4. woo is me poor Carson Palmer…imagine if these guys worked for companies like most of us do…they would appreciate the Bengals more then….

  5. It’s funny how Andy Dalton was less talented than Carson Palmer and yet, had much more success as the Bengals QB. Imagine if Carson Palmer had been the QB in Philly or New York! Poor guy.

    Why does Burrow have to explicitly say he hopes the Bengals draft him? Who has done that in the past? Until he explicitly says he doesn’t want to play in Cincinnati (or the Bengals trade the pick), despite PFT’s best spin, I’ll pencil him in as the Bengals first pick.

  6. Palmer and the Bengals would’ve brought home a super bowl in 2005 if the Steelers hadn’t wrecked his knee on the 1st play of their playoff game. That play went for 60 yards and a first down. It would have been a long game for Pittsburgh and maybe the start of a dynasty. Pittsburgh went on to win the Super Bowl. If Carson had stayed on until 2011 he would have inherited AJ Green, Mohammed Sanu, Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones, and an outstanding O-Line. Also Dalton’s pick would’ve been another weapon. Carson may have won multiple Championships. I mean Dalton took that team to (5) straight playoffs appearances. This is revisionist history and total BS. Palmer was mad when Kitna was let go. B/C Kitna was the leader Carson never was. So the Bengals brought in his little brother as a replacement back-up QB, but even that wasn’t good enough. Then he got all butt hurt, retired, and threw another fit when the Bengals drafted Dalton and fired his little brother. BTW Jordan Palmer was a terrible Pro QB, and if it wasn’t for the Bengals and an attempt to appease Carson he would never have been a Pro QB.

  7. Cheap Mike Brown gave Palmer $100 MIL Highest contract in NFL at the time and Dalton $120 mil. They even gave Palmer’s brother a backup qb job which he didn’t deserve. Palmer was treated like the king of Cincy, yet he still complains. If he is so committed to winning how come Dalton was able to take the same team to 6 straight playoffs/winning season with the same team Palmer was 4-12 with and crushed Palmer’s OAK team. If Palmer is so committed to winning a Super Bowl how come he threw 4 ints and had 2 fumbles in NFC championship game. It’s mike Brown’s fault the Bengals lost, not Palmer’s. Palmer takes no accountability and shows no gratitude to the fans and organization that loved him…He quit!!!!

  8. “they would appreciate the Bengals more then”

    Only certain Ohioans appreciate the Bengals. Nuff said.

  9. Here is Bengals owner mike brown’s idea of helping Carson Palmer:

    – signed divisive, aged, distraction terrell owens ans #2 wr – one season in Cincinnati (final season of career) and is not signed by another team – RETIRED

    – signed aged laveranues coles as #2 wr – totals 514 yards
    in his one season in Cincinnati (final season of career) and
    is not signed by another team – RETIRED

    – signed below-average receiving/blocking tight end Reggie Kelly
    plays as starter for seven season totaling 3 touchdowns in 7 years – 9.6 yards per game –
    played one season after leaving Cincinnati – RETIRED

    – #3 wr Andre Caldwell leaves Cincinnati for Peyton Manning in Denver –
    couldn’t get on field – totals less for Manning – RETIRED

    I could go on related to receiving… but… I would be typing all day.
    I didn’t even touch the offensive line (guards and centers).

  10. Carson Palmer runs off a two the mouth yet a rookie QB took the same team to the playoffs five straight years immediately after Carson quit on his team. Forgive me if I don’t take leadership lessons from Quitter Palmer and his no talent brother. I’d go out on a limb and hope Joe Burrow is A) smart enough to not listen to losers. B) has more heart than Carson. Don’t forget Carson also quit on the Raiders.

  11. “If he is so committed to winning how come Dalton was able to take the same team
    to 6 straight playoffs/winning season with the same team”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    The team drafted Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap in Palmer’s final season.
    Michael Johnson played his two seasons with Palmer.
    S George Iloka drafted after Palmer was gone.
    Signed Pro Bowl S Reggie Nelson – Palmer’s final season
    Dalton got 1st round DBs Kirkpatrick and Dennard

    The defense was MUCH BETTER for Dalton.

  12. The Bengals stank in 2019 without a starting QB.

    Look at their record the prior 10 years. It’s not bad, and there are many worse run franchises. A good QB and a couple of good players and they could be back in the playoffs.

    With a better QB than Andy Dalton they’d have had an even better record.

    I’m not saying the Bengals are a great franchise, but they aren’t garbage either.
    I’d rather play for them than the Browns.

  13. The Biggest Mistake the Bengals did was to trade Palmer after he said he retired with Six years left on his contract. If I was owner he would have had to sit out at least 5 years. He is a quitter and Joe Burrows is definitely a better QB than both Palmers but together.

  14. Pittsburgh and Baltimore start every year 2-0 just by circling the Bengals on the schedule……………

    Oh yea? Im not looking it up at the moment but over the last ten years i think the bengals are up on the ratbirds..ijs

  15. I’m only 30 but I been a Bengals fan since I was a little girl. So I have not suffered as long as some of the fans have. I’m no Mike Brown apologist. He is a horrible owner. Does things the cheap way and tries to win by drafting well. Never But as for Carson Palmer the last year he was in Cincinnati he threw 20 interceptions. The dude quit on the team before he officially quit when he said he wasn’t playing anymore. The fans that threw trash though in Palmer’s yard are pieces of crap. Burrow will do well in Cincy if they can build and offensive line around him. I need to stop reading articles that Palmer is mentioned the dude quit on his teammates as I said above.

  16. In what world is it better to go to the Dolphins than the Bengals? The Dolphins have been to the playoffs once in 11 years. The Bengals have been there 6 times. Are we giving the Dolphins credit for the Dan Marino years? That’s the last time I can think of where they were actually a team people expected to win. It’s fun to pick on Mike Brown, but if you want to win you’re better off going to Cincinnati than Miami. That’s simple fact.

  17. Stu Bidaciou says:
    February 18, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    Pittsburgh and Baltimore start every year 2-0 just by circling the Bengals on the schedule.
    They can circle it, but its not really true.

    Lifetime Bengals vs Ravens record = 23-25.

    Since 2009 – Bengals lead 12-10.

    Stealers do have the Bengals number though. Which is one of Dalton’s and Lewis’s huge failings.

  18. doctorrustbelt says:
    February 18, 2020 at 12:36 pm
    Here is Bengals owner mike brown’s idea of helping Carson Palmer:


    You could literally pick any team over the last 20 years and find failures in drafting and free agents to explain their woes. If you’re going to talk about TO though, be sure to mention that Palmer worked out with TO and begged the team to sign him. Palmer failed. Mike Brown failed. Simple as that.

  19. T J Housh was known as a locker room lawyer when he was in Cincy. So take that for what it’s worth.

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