Taysom Hill: I would love to play with Drew Brees again, am in no hurry to leave

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Drew Brees announced on Instagram earlier Tuesday that he will return for 2020. Some will view that as bad news for Taysom Hill.

It means Hill will not start for the Saints in 2020.

Hill, though, sees it as good news for Brees, the Saints and himself.

After the news of Brees’ return broke, Hill told Adam Schefter of ESPN that he already knew Brees was returning and “would love to play with Drew again.”

“At the end of the day, I look at Drew coming back and maybe I’m not playing quarterback, which is ultimately where I want to have an opportunity to play in the NFL,” Hill said on Schefter’s podcast, “but there are still going to be opportunities for me to make plays. I can tell you a unique experience for me that most backup quarterbacks don’t get is I’m in the huddle with Drew on game day. . . . That to me is invaluable.”

Brees, Hill and Teddy Bridgewater all are scheduled to become free agents. The Saints will keep Brees. They hope to keep Hill, who is a restricted free agent. They aren’t expected to be able to afford Bridgewater.

Hill, though, would have an opportunity to start this season if he went elsewhere. He will remain a Swiss Army Knife for at least another season in New Orleans, though he likely would see more snaps at quarterback than he did in 2019.

“I think there’s a process of being a restricted free agent,” Hill said. “My agent and I are going through the process, and we’ll see what happens. But I’m in no hurry to leave New Orleans. As I look at my career, I have goals, and I have a vision for myself as to what I can do in the NFL, and there has been nothing that has been said, or I’ve never been treated in any way that would lead me to believe that the vision I have for myself is not the same vision that coach [Sean] Payton has for me, as well as the other guys on the staff. So I’m in no hurry, but I also think that there’s an important element of being a free agent. You finally have the opportunity to sit down and say, ‘What are my goals? What are my visions for myself?’ And then see who shares those same thoughts as you do.

“We’ll go through that process. It’s super early, so I have no idea what is going to happen. But we’ll go through that process and see what happens.”

19 responses to “Taysom Hill: I would love to play with Drew Brees again, am in no hurry to leave

  1. Who was the last player this insignificant to receive this much free agency press?

    A 30 year old QB who has completed less than 50% of the 13 NFL passes he has thrown.

    His only offer might come from Popeye’s as they are looking for people to make those chicken sandwiches.

  2. Whatever has Taysom Hill done to make people think he could be a starting NFL quarterback? Can he read a defense? If Brees would have retired, the Saints would have to be crazy to pick Hill over Bridgewater.

  3. Brees is the reason why the Saints won’t go to the Superbowl , and has been the reason why the last couple of years . The Saints are stupid like you know his arm isn’t what it use to be let him go already , and Brees is selfish he knows he is the reason the Saints have lost playoffs but he too selfish to leave .

  4. Teams need QB’s so badly now that many are excited about his potential, based on what exactly? Easy to make plays as a gadget guy when it’s unexpected and there’s hardly any film on you. I’d like to see how he does if he gets the chance to play the position full time. Not hating on him just want to see if he can justify some of this hype.

  5. Y’all or missing the point. Taysom Hill plays four or five positions effectively (QB, RB, WR, Special Teams on both sides of the ball). He might be able to play DB in a pinch as he is the second fastest on the team . Which means he covers a lot of ground in terms of the salary cap. Lots of added value on the cheap for the Saints. Even if they give hime $10MM plus guaranteed per year, SP will continue to use him as the Swiss Army Knife, adding value at four or more positions

    The NFL hasn’t seen a player like this since…??

  6. If he stays, he will not get paid. If he leaves, he may be out of the league if he flops as a starter. That is a hard choice to make.

  7. Folks here don’t get it. He. may or nor be Drew Brees or Steve Young, but what he has demonstrated beyond a doubt is that he can play several positions ( RB, WR, TE, special teams offense and defense) at an extremely high level, and he’s not a bad QB either. His value is in his adaptability, speed, and versatility. Last year as a QB in preseason (admittedly) he was extremely sharp.

    SP is putting up a smokescreen – misdirection – and everyone falls for it. His value is as the Swiss Army Knife. If he is a good QB that is a plus. Anyone who can take over a game in multiple ways the way he did in the playoffs last year is worth keeping

  8. If Hill is so great and the heir to Brees, why did the Saints go with Teddy last year, while Brees was injured?

  9. They will let Hill come in and play QB when they need a pass thrown longer than 20 yards. Go away Brees, you’re a dink and dunker and continue to underperform in the playoffs. You can thank Brett Favre and AD the fumbler for your only ring.

  10. Hill has already shown his value to the team. Being a backup qb(understudy) to Brees will continue to improve his ability to play qb in place of Brees. Last season Bridgewater’s skills were better.Hill will evolve as qb.

  11. Do you think if the Saints really thought Taysom Hill was the heir apparent to Drew Brees they’d be risking injury having him play special teams? The guy is not a starting level NFL QB. Name even one back up in the league that plays special teams? Nope. Can’t. The guy is a better version of Joe Webb, and we saw how it went when he actually started a game.

  12. I would love to play with Drew Brees again, am in no hurry to leave… Translation… I’m smart enough to know that I should sound like an agreeable person for teams to want me

  13. im not a saints fan, but i lovebto watch this guy play football…he is a faster version of what Tim tebow refused to be…and will have a much better nfl career because of his willingness to just play ball, wherever his team needs or wants him to be. kudos to him👏

  14. Translation: My agent told me the phone is collecting dust and nobody is expressing interest in making me a starter.

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