Which players should have made a draft-day power play?

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John Elway did it to the Colts in 1983. Bo Jackson did it to the Bucs in 1986. Eli Manning did it to the Chargers in 2004.

And Joe Burrow may be thinking about doing it in 2020.

That’s only four guys making draft-day power plays in all the years the NFL has drafted players. Tuesday’s PFT Live looked at incoming rookies who should have joined Elway, Bo, and Eli, in draft form.

Check out the video for the six players we selected. And feel free to name any others in the comments. And tune in tomorrow for another new edition of PFT Live.

6 responses to “Which players should have made a draft-day power play?

  1. None of them.

    It’s not like the Bengals have been 0-16 for a few years. They stank last year, without a starting QB, just like most NFL teams would stink (remember the 49ers when Garoppolo was out with an ACL?).

    The Dolphins stink now, but they have a lot of picks, and if they draft well, can be a decent team in a year.

    I’d rather not end up in Detroit. Or the Bengals. But it’s not like thats a disaster. The Browns a couple of years ago would have been a disaster.

  2. Agreed with a intrafinesse above. You don’t do that because a team is bad, you do it because the organization is terrible. Bo Jackson with the Bucs (after they screwed him out of NCAA eligibility) comes to mind. Manning didn’t trust the Chargers, Elway didn’t trust the Colts. Whether or not that should be encouraged is another story, but if your point is that QBs should simply refuse to play for bad teams, then that’s kind of reinforcing the status quo, isn’t it? Are only the top teams allowed to stay good, since great picks will simply refuse to play for bad teams?

    The compensatory pick system already stacks the deck in the draft towards good teams. Having players simply refuse to play for franchises makes the draft almost irrelevant.

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