Alex Van Pelt: Baker Mayfield’s future is bright

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Alex Van Pelt held his first press conference as the Browns’ offensive coordinator on Wednesday and quarterback Baker Mayfield was a big topic of conversation.

Van Pelt said that he loved Mayfield coming out of Oklahoma and “absolutely” believes that he’s capable of putting up a better effort than he managed in 2019. Van Pelt said he’s going to be working closely with Mayfield in order to make sure that happens.

“We’ve got to put him in the best position to have success,” Van Pelt said.

One point of emphasis for the offseason is improving Mayfield’s decision-making and Van Pelt also said he will work with Mayfield on footwork. Van Pelt is looking for “Mozart rather than Metallica” from his quarterback’s feet and said he’s already spoken to the quarterback about areas to work on.

Van Pelt said the “future is bright” for the top pick of the 2018 draft and the Browns would love to see that light breaking through the gloom as soon as possible.

8 responses to “Alex Van Pelt: Baker Mayfield’s future is bright

  1. An improved offensive line will be the best thing for him. Without a decent line, there will be always an excuse for him.

  2. He was surrounded with one of the most talented set of weapons in the NFL last season and he was downright terrible. He’s looking more and more like a bust.

  3. If he is a bust, it wouldst be anything new for the Cleveland franchise.
    Imagine what Brady would have done with that cast of characters, OBJ’s divine diva-ness and all!

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