Browns still deciding whether Alex Van Pelt or Kevin Stefanski will call plays

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Alex Van Pelt’s roles are clearly defined. He will serve as both the quarterbacks coach and the offensive coordinator with the Browns.

It remains undecided who will call the plays in Cleveland.

Van Pelt said Wednesday that new head coach Kevin Stefanski has not decided whether he or Van Pelt will serve as play-caller.

“I could easily call plays,” Van Pelt said. “I work for Kevin and am excited to do whatever role he wants me to do. Right now, I am coordinating and helping set this offense up with some good coaches.”

The Browns will run a West Coast-based offense with the zone blocking scheme of Gary Kubiak, which Stefanski used last season as the play-caller of the Vikings. They also will use play action.

“Play action will be a big part of what we do,” Van Pelt said.

Van Pelt plans to tweak the fundamentals of Baker Mayfield. That includes the quarterback’s footwork, with Van Pelt seeking for Mayfield to become more “like Mozart and not like Metallica.”

Van Pelt said he did the same with Andy Dalton and Ryan Finley in Cincinnati.

“The feet never lie,” Van Pelt said. “It all starts with the feet. Just some of the ways that we will have him drop both from under center and in the gun will change slightly to help him.”

Specifically, Van Pelt wants Mayfield to lead with his left foot out of the shotgun and on his dropbacks instead of his right foot.

3 responses to “Browns still deciding whether Alex Van Pelt or Kevin Stefanski will call plays

  1. Have the analytics guys call plays.
    Randomize pass (60%) Run (40%), see how that works out for you.

    Oh, by the way, better throw OBJ the ball almost all the time, lest he start crying.

  2. Sounds as if Van Pelt quickly diagnosed Mayfield’s problem. Bad footwork and not playing under center (play action) enough. Playing under center promotes good footwork and timing for every play at every position whereas shotgun can just be freelancing with bad habits creeping in.

    It is mind boggling that no one on the Browns last year cleaned this stuff up in training camp. They all got what they deserved.

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