Quan Bray, Greg Robinson arrested for 157 pounds of marijuana

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More details emerged Wednesday night in the arrest of Browns offensive tackle Greg Robinson.

Robinson and ex-NFL player Quan Bray were taken into custody after Border Patrol found 156.9 pounds of marijuana in the back of their 2020 Chevy Tahoe, according to law enforcement documents obtained by TMZ.com. If convicted, the former Auburn teammates face up to 20 years in prison.

Robinson and Bray were not re-entering the country from Mexico but traveling from Los Angeles to Louisiana on Monday night when they hit the checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, per TMZ.com

A drug-sniffing dog alerted agents to several vacuum-sealed black bags full of a substance that tested positive for marijuana, according to TMZ.com. Agents also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale and $3,100 cash in Bray’s jeans.

A third person in the SUV was not charged, though Robinson and Bray attempted to get the person to claim responsibility for the weed, per TMZ.

Robinson, the No. 2 overall choice in 2014, is scheduled to become a free agent next month.

30 responses to “Quan Bray, Greg Robinson arrested for 157 pounds of marijuana

  1. In my life I have made mistakes. I am not the smartest guy in the room, and likely shouldn’t throw stones. But the level of stupidity in these types of cases is, to me, mind boggling. “There’s millions of dollars in cash piled up on the table here, and a lifetime of freedom to do as you wish. Would you like to gamble it all away and risk going to prison instead, for something completely stupid?” Apparently the answer is, sure!

    These young guys are given the world, and some just throw it away. It almost makes you want to cry.

  2. Legality aside, what a group of morons. Even a modicum of research informs you that one should not run drugs along the I-10 near the southern border. From San Antonio through El Paso and on into Tuscon, there are roving border patrol checkpoints. This is common knowledge.

    There are plenty of interstate highways that run across this county that can keep you a few hundred miles north of any potential border patrol checkpoints.

  3. Yep,those dogs at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint know how to do their jobs! (I oughta know…I live in far west Texas). If these idiots were muling marijuana they shoulda had enough brains to check for checkpoints along I-10, and should also know that if one is gonna mule drugs, Texas is the LAST state you want to drive through. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  4. 157 pounds lol even I find that a bit much that’s like the weight of a regular human. I’m not against weed but come on be smarter man lol

  5. OK, this one is serious
    Even the Players Union isn’t going to fight a suspension here
    This isn’t a dude smoking weed, this is full out drug trafficking

  6. Well that’s one way to throw away your career. Just mind boggling that a guy looking at legally making millions would risk prison time this way.

  7. I hope the third person turns out to be the king pin, with the two arrested being only innocent victims, in the wrong place and time.

    I don’t expect that’s going to be the case.

  8. Holy crap they drive through TX of all places with that? How stupid can they be. And on top of that drive down right next to the border with Mexico where the entire world knows law enforcement has a very heavy presence?


  9. If dude sold all that weed the profits wouldn’t come close to equalling a years salary. Sad. Some people would rather steal $5 than earn $10.

  10. These are 2 deep South boys who may have never driven in the mountains during the winter so they took the South route out of LA on 1-10 instead taking a safer northern route like I-40. Going across Flagstaff can get hairy in the winter. Maybe the forecast scared them away from going that way which is only adds about an hour to the trip to NoLa. That can’t be that stupid to run the risk of taking 1-10 without a valid reason. Those checkpoints are well known. A little research on their part would have revealed that.

  11. I maybe going out on a limb saying this but it seems athletes and ex-athletes make the dumbest drug dealers.

  12. The guy has made $29M in his NFL career. What was he thinking that he thought this was a good idea. Something tells me this guy will have a long time to think about it while he’s behind bars.

  13. “Something tells me this guy will have a long time to think about it while he’s behind bars.”

    Not sure about that. Something tells me he’s going roll on whoever the supplier was and give up anyone he needs to to avoid a lengthy sentence.

    The NFL on the other hand, is sure to commissioner’s exempt list / suspend him for long enough that he’ll never see an NFL field again except on TV.

  14. Haha! Whoa that’s a lot of weed, amazing to do Risk doing time for something that’s legal in a lot of states.

  15. Furthermore, he should hurry up & befriend trump while he’s got a few months left in office to get pardoned

  16. Except he misses on 2 key things: 1) he’s not white & 2) this isn’t a white-collared crime

  17. wow, this worked well. i guess we should just have cops at every corner checking everyone constantly.

    let’s go police state!

  18. Micheal Bloomberg would approve of stopping these three on the highway with no probably cause because they fit the xerox description he handed out of people who have a higher probability of being criminals.

    Stopping cars on I-10 just because??

    The Stasi approves.

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